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Cybersecurity posture startup Balbix Inc. today announced the general availability of its BX4 engine, an artificial intelligence-powered cyber risk management solution that it claims will offer unprecedented analysis capabilities, risk reduction and visibility into cybersecurity challenges.

Announced at the Nvidia GTC AI conference this week in San Jose, the BX4 engine utilizes Nvidia technology to enhance cybersecurity risk management by effectively managing risks involving identifying critical vulnerabilities and evaluating security controls’ efficacy. The engine uses generative AI, deep learning and other specialized machine learning techniques to analyze millions of assets and vulnerability instances while delivering real-time, actionable recommendations to rapidly reduce cyber risk.

“At Balbix, we believe that AI should be at the forefront of cybersecurity, not just on paper but as a tangible, powerful force providing actionable insights,” Vinay Sridhara, chief technology officer at Balbix, said ahead of the announcement. “Nvidia technologies allow us to push the boundaries of what’s possible in cyber risk management.”

The BX4 engine is said to take on a core challenge in cybersecurity: converting raw data into actionable insights that facilitate effective risk reduction. Balbix BX4 leverages the full-stack Nvidia AI platform and Nvidia GPUs while also integrating Nvidia Triton Inference Server and Nvidia TensorRT-LLM to train large language models. The models power asset analysis, vulnerability and risk models, to provide cybersecurity professionals with real-time, actionable insights into risk reduction.

The company claims that customers who have been using BX4 prior to its general release have gained three times greater visibility into assets, vulnerability instances and security controls while achieving a 37% risk reduction within six months. It also allows security leaders to understand the effectiveness of their security program and showcase the return on investment of various initiatives.

Balbix is a venture capital-backed startup, having raised $100 million in funding, according to Tracxn. Investors include Redline Capital Management LLC, Third Point Ventures LLC, Nautilus Venture Partners LP, Moderne Ventures LP, JC2 Ventures LLC, Mayfield LP, Alter Venture Partners LP and Singtel Innov8 Pte. Ltd.

Image: Balbix

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