Baldwin Sheriff’s Office backs tailgating ban | #schoolsaftey

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. — One of football’s long-standing traditions? 

Grilling, eating, and getting together in the parking lot before kickoff.

Now, Baldwin County High School says they’ve officially banned that pastime for the rest of the football season. The school district says that is due to safety concerns.

“We always help provide security to all the athletic events they have,” Major Scott Deason with Baldwin Sheriff’s office said. 

He says they have a relationship with the school district, having nine to 10 deputies at each game. 

“We really just want to provide a safe environment,” he said. 

However, the stadium can hold 5,800 people and around 2,000-2,400 people attend the homecoming games. Plus, the parking lots are large. 

“We just simply cannot provide the levels of security that we think is needed when talking about the outside of the stadium,” Deason explained. 

He says tailgating invites crowds to gather.

“A person will show up with a group of friends, likely have food, cook,” Deason said. “Sometimes, unfortunately, alcohol gets involved.”

That can mean trouble. 

“A couple of years ago, I think, there was some kind of scrimmage or fight that broke out. What happens is that deputies working the event inside have to go outside to resolve it and that’s not why we’re really there,” Deason said. 

The Baldwin School District says they’re banning tailgating at football games. They blame it on the rise of violence at sporting events nationwide and social media trends that promote pranks that could incite fear or panic.

“All school districts need to be realistic of the change in the times,” Deason said. “We’re dealing with different times, and the client base is different, and the challenges these children have are different. The school needs to change as well to kind of keep up with those and get out ahead of it.” 

Because what’s important, Deason said, are those who love the game. 

“These kids that work so hard that they don’t have to worry about anything but cheering on their team,” Deason said. 

The school district declined to talk to us, but sent out this statement: 

“We made the decision to cancel tailgating activities due to safety concerns related to the large crowd sizes at select sporting events, and the increasing demands on local law enforcement to expand their reach beyond the stadium premises. Baldwin High School is joining a growing list of counties and school districts that are discontinuing tailgating and loitering activities within the parking lots of football games. Recent social media ‘challenges’ promoting crowd disturbances and dangerous ‘pranks’ have exacerbated these concerns, posing tangible risks to public safety. As a result, the Baldwin County School District will no longer permit loitering or large gatherings outside the stadium. The priority is to foster safe, enjoyable, and family-oriented experiences at our athletic events for our student-athletes, coaching staff, families and fans.”

On their website, they say Baldwin High School uses a few other safety procedures at games.

Students under the age of 14 must have an adult present with them at all times. 

There is a clear bag policy.

Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs are not allowed on the premises. 

Lastly, fans should remain seated in the stands and avoid loitering. 

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