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Banco Promerica is currently facing a possible cybersecurity dilemma following recent revelations of a data breach and cyberattack. Initially highlighted in December by RansomHouse, the incident involving Banco Promerica was brought into the spotlight once more on January 11th when Snatch ransomware group also listed the institution.

The threat actor’s post on the Snatch ransomware platform contained messages, including an invitation for insurance companies to take notice.

The message implied that those identifying their clients within the compromised data could reach out to the threat actor for a detailed report. This communication also hinted at a potential lapse in IT department judgment as a contributing factor to the security breach.

Banco Promerica Data Breach Decoded

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According to MalwareHunterTeam on X, Banco Promerica had been added to the RansomHouse data leak site in December 2023.

Concerns escalated when Robert Lluberes, a user on social media, posted tweets alerting Banco Promerica users in the Dominican Republic about reported disruptions in digital services since December 10th, 2023.


Lluberes raised questions about the possibility of a cyberattack compromising the security of customer data. The uncertainty surrounding the situation prompted him to express concerns about the safety of personal and financial information.


The Cyber Express has reached out to the organization for further insights into the alleged Banco Promerica cyberattack. Despite these attempts, no official statements or responses have been issued at the time of writing, leaving the claims regarding the Banco Promerica cyberattack unconfirmed.

Two Ransomware Groups Claiming Data Breaches

The two ransomware groups claiming the breach are the RansomHouse and Snatch ransomware groups. The RansomHouse ransomware, a distinctive cyber threat, diverges from typical ransomware operations. This ransomware group breaches networks, avoids encryption, and demands payment for stolen data, disavowing responsibility by blaming victims’ inadequate security. 

The Snatch ransomware group, on the other hand, has been a popular ransomware collective since 2019, utilizing a distinct modus operandi involving data exfiltration and double extortion tactics.

After demanding ransom directly, Snatch may threaten to publish victims’ data on its extortion blog if payment isn’t made. Linked to Russian origins, it evolved from Team Truniger, a former GandCrab affiliate.

The potential impact of this Banco Promerica cyberattack incident on the financial institution and its customers remains uncertain.

Banco Promerica’s clients are anxiously awaiting updates on the situation and assurance regarding the security of their data. The lack of an official response further intensifies concerns, emphasizing the need for swift action and transparency in addressing potential cybersecurity threats. 

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