Bank card fraud hitting SA consumers

Bank card fraud is costing South African consumers about R7-million a year.

And although some of the tricks used by these fraudsters are as old as the hills, a criminal in Daveyton on Johannesburg’s East Rand, says he can make up to R15-thousand in just four hours, stealing cards and pins.

Checkpoint’s Busisiwe Gumede interviewed a criminal who has been engaged in card fraud since his school years.

“I started doing it late 2008 till now. I did it because of the situation at home. As a guy I didn’t have things my peers had like shoes, nice jeans and t-shirts so that we look nice,” said the fraudster.

“A mother, child, or granny we don’t discriminate. As long as we take your card and steal your pin so that we withdraw cash. Even white people, Indians. We don’t choose.”

The Hawks says Daveyton, where Buthelezi operates, has become a hotspot for card skimming and theft.

The fraudster showed Checkpoint several of his tricks.


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