BANNED ON YOUTUBE: Proof the Red Cross Cured 154 Malaria Cases with MMS

This video got many times banned on Youtube: The Red Cross proofed that it found a way to heal Malaria with MMS, in 154 cases! Expanded Description: http://m…


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25 thoughts on “BANNED ON YOUTUBE: Proof the Red Cross Cured 154 Malaria Cases with MMS

  1. TheUnion5

    And how utterly stupid is it to claim that Klaas Proesmans of the Water Reference Center would be involved in a propaganda video for Jim Humble and lie about 154 malaria cases cured? It is obvious what your agenda is, and that agenda has nothing to do with shielding good will and intentions for society.

    Go back to disney channel and watch Goofy; whos mind youd find absolutely dazzling.

  2. TheUnion5

    99% of the testimonials ARE positive. The only problem is that you are too dumb to understand what is going on. Youre a brainwashed toolbox – and it is mind-boggling that you think you are ridding society from evil by attacking a solution that has killed no-one and that 99% of the users have reported good experiences from.

    Just look up the original “LEAKED: Proof that Red Cross Cured Malaria” on MMStestimonials account. There is NOT _ONE_ negative comment there, all of them are positive.

  3. Mms debunked

    “99% of mms testimonials are positive” is complete bullshit. Just watch my testimonials video. They are only 99% positive if you only read the testimonials published by Jim Humble. As soon as you go to any other site and actually look at the testimonials, even the ones on youtube (not posted by Jim humble) you see that MOST are not even positive.

  4. Mms debunked

    I’ve been investigating MMS for over three years now, I created this account specifically to post videos and information about MMS, I don’t want this mixed up with my personal affairs. What’s fishy about that? My website is called mms debunked.

  5. Vagelis 4VP

    lol..i like your avatar…pretty cool…

  6. Vagelis 4VP

    ….you forgot to finish your sentence….
    “…..if u dont use it in the recommended dosage according to the protocol, and u just drink it like water straight from the bottle”
    ok..i think know its summarized pretty good. 😉

  7. Adimsim90

    Think about this…. We would of over grew our planet by now if these diseases weren’t out there. Maybe if we didn’t breed like we do or especially like our 3rd world country’s, then the governments wouldn’t allow these diseases. This would t be the first cure for something covered up.

  8. OverlordOfPVP

    If you have Malaria your pretty much gonna die anyway.
    Why not have a chance at living?

  9. Blank Stairs

    5,000 views?! Share this video! Ever know anyone that died from Cancer, ALS or any other horrible diseases? You can bet your ass that we have that cure too.

  10. darkm7o

    I love how the past few years thats all you’ve been commenting on.
    Something fishy about this guy

  11. KingMolotovIphone

    Lol. Why don’t I change that to something more favorable to humble? Guess who wrote the Wiki? The people who don’t believe. You have no true answer, and neither do we

  12. TheUnion5

    Have you even watched this video? If so, please share with us what you see.

  13. telofy

    Ugh, now it’s just getting circular and ad hom. Regarding the only part that wasn’t, the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research has sophisticated procedures in place to test new drugs and ensure that “their health benefits outweigh their known risks.” I’m not saying that those procedures are perfect, but they are way better than no safeguards and procedures at all.

  14. TheUnion5

    Are you high? Pharma drugs kills millions a year. MMS hasnt killed a single person. 99% of the MMS testimonials are positive and in this very video the Red Cross is telling you they cured 154 malaria cases with MMS and yet here you are telling us it is quack medicine. How stupid are you?

  15. telofy

    Among those particular reasons is probably selling lots of their poisonous quack medicine to unsuspecting and desperate people, and selling lots of books about said substance to the same clientele. Sorry, but I’m not sure if this whole scam can still be adequately explained by stupidity.

  16. TheUnion5

    Yes, on THE FIRST VIDEO released 2nd of may. The very same writer pasted a link to the latest video RELEASED 2nd of JULY where he asks the Red Cross to tell the truth as to what really took place.

    If you believe that they were able to fake 154 malaria negative cases for no particular reason what so ever, then what would´nt you believe.

  17. telofy

    Primarily it puts forward a theory of how they most likely managed to compile a list of false positives through quick tests on the first day to disprove them the next day.

    The author linked, embedded, and commented on the new video in a comment below the article.

  18. TheUnion5

    Keep in mind Klaas Proesmans and the Red Cross tried to tell the world that the test never even took place. That it never happened. So they lied about that. What else do you think they would be capable of lying about? And how many millions of people had to die because of that?

  19. TheUnion5

    What does it expose? The writer himself of the article you just shared, posted a link to watch?v=FrwZN1cPfX8 and asked for the Red Cross to come clean and let us know what really happened. The article you mention was written about the frist video that came out in early may. The video you are watching on this page was released only a few days ago. It shows you beyond a shadow of a doubt that Klaas Proesmans of the Red Cross was involved with curing malaria study, as he is giving the interview!

  20. TheUnion5

    Btw, please fix the links in the description. They are not complete. Take a look at watch?v=FrwZN1cPfX8 – click each link and copy/paste them from there. It helps people when they have working urls to assist them in their further investigation. Thank you. Great job mirroring this most important study showing what a bunch of deceitful genocidal creatures you are dealing with at the upper level Red Cross.

  21. TheUnion5

    Bullshit. Not a single death has been attributed to MMS since its discovery as being effective for malaria in 1995. Please stop talking chemistry in public. You are a disgrace to the chemistry community. A copy/pasting pseudo-intellectual moron that could not see the picture if it was made background on your pharma-sponsored Google glasses.

  22. TheUnion5

    On behalf of MMS Debunked — apologies, for he is an utter retard.

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