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Barbourville Independent School officials focusing on school safety | #schoolsaftey

BARBOURVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) – Barbourville Independent School is adding safety measures to make sure that students, staff, and parents feel comfortable this school year.

Superintendent Dennis Messer said that the school system recently add an app that will allow them to send out push notifications to parents when necessary.

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“We try to keep our social media pages up to date and the safety of our kids is the most important thing and we want to ensure the public and our parents that their kids are safe when they’re here at our district,” said Messer.

Barbourville Independent School Principal Brian Carey said that cheerleaders and dancers from the high school were there to greet the elementary school kids to school Monday morning.

“We try to make a line of communication with the parents. I’m probably going to send a letter home at the end of the day. detailing a little bit of what went on Friday, with a little more than what has been told so far.”

Both Messer and Carey want to ensure that everyone knows that they are continuously working on ways to improve school safety at Barbourville Independent School.

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