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Barmy Brit in Afghanistan says he can buy guns from Taliban | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack | #hacking | #aihp

A barmy British adventurer has found out he can buy US army equipment directly from the Taliban and hopes to set up a business around it.

Miles Routledge, a 24-year-old physics student at Loughborough University, made the headlines last year after needing to be evacuated from Afghanistan by the UN during the Taliban takeover.

Now he’s thinking about setting up an export business after finding great deals on US military gear.

He said: “I rocked up to a group of Taliban today and struck up a conversation, turns out I can buy the US army military equipment. RPG is $400, PKM is $500 and night vision goggles is $300ish.

Miles Routledge, 24, said he picked the bizarre holiday destination after googling “the most dangerous cities to visit” – but it soon “got way out of hand.”

“I’m going to the market tomorrow, could become a good legal business to export.”

According to Military Today, RPGs can cost up to $2,000 dollars in the US.

Miles is thinking bigger than simply small weapons and is open to the idea of driving a tank back to Europe.

He continued: “I can also buy US military vehicles for around $15,000 but it varies. I could get a driver’s license and drive it to Europe and sell it for triple. I’m open to that being a trip.”

Miles had to be evacuated by the UN following the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

Miles has faced money problems on his trip after recently crossing back into Afghanistan from the Peshwar province of Pakistan.

He said: “I don’t think you guys understand but I can’t afford any more travel”.

Miles claims he invested over 400 hours and £15,000 on saving his tour guide, who he said is wanted by the Taliban for working for the US in Afghanistan.

He recently said he would have to stop his travels due to a lack of money
He recently said he would have to stop his travels due to a lack of money

“Now that he’s backed out at the last possible minute he’s ruined me, I’m insanely pessimistic right now. Even if I died on this trip, at least I would have died helping someone. I feel empty,” Miles wrote in an earlier tweet.

Before that, he posted a series of downcast tweets – which have since been deleted – expressing dismay that his trip was ruined and that he was “screwed” because the guide he was due to eject from the country got cold feet.

He first went out to Afghanistan after googling ‘most dangerous countries to visit and picking the top one.

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