Bathroom doors a safety concern at Peter Skene Ogden Secondary School | #schoolsaftey

This month Peter Skene Ogden Secondary School removed two doors from the exterior of student washrooms.

After an anonymous student posted a photo of the washroom online the community debated the merits of the move. Caitlin Currie, PSO’s principal, said this decision was made to ensure student safety throughout the school.

“Those washrooms are on the backside of our building in a spot that’s hard for adults to supervise. We had some ongoing safety concerns and challenges for those particular spaces,” Currie said. “It’s really important to us, as a school to make sure all our spaces are safe and inclusive for the kids accessing them.”

Currie said that removing doors from washrooms at PSO is nothing new. It’s been a process that’s been going on for years and
these two washrooms, located near the gymnasium, were the last ones that had exterior doors.

In recent years Currie said that the washrooms in question have become a place where large groups of students hang out. Some of them have been known to harass other students and use e-cigarette products like vapes.

“There were also functional issues with those doors. Because they’re quite old they could be held closed from the inside which is a pretty major safety concern for us if we ever have a supervising adult that would need to get access to help a kid,” Currie said. “Generally speaking in schools and other spaces no exterior doors reduce issues in bathrooms and increase safety for everybody.”

Currie said most of the concern seems to be based on the fact one of the bathroom stalls in the girls’ room is now visible from the doorway. To ensure student privacy PSO plans to attach a privacy panel to the wall to hide that stall from view.

Currie encourages any parents with concerns to reach out to her at or come to the school to talk to her in person.

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