Bay Area Security Firm Hires ‘White Hat Hackers’ To Find Vulnerabilities In Digital Systems


REDWOOD CITY (KPIX 5) — Cyber-crime is big business in the digital age, so a Bay Area security firm has hired a sophisticated group of hackers to break into computer systems.

Jay Kaplan heads up Synack in Redwood City, which is recruiting computer experts who have fulltime day jobs to offer them an opportunity to make cash on the side by breaking into systems owned by clients.

“These are the good guys,” Kaplan said.

“White-hat hackers” deliberately break into computer systems and digital devices to find vulnerabilities before “black-hat hackers” can exploit them.

“I can look at things differently, which somebody from inside the company probably would not,” hacker Anshuman Bhartiya told KPIX 5.

The payout for the “good” hackers depends on the flaws they find, but ranges from $100 to $5-thousand per find.

Tesla just hired 20-hackers after someone tried to crack into its car system.

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