BBB: Teach kids the importance of online safety this school year | #schoolsaftey

(WPRI) — Preparing for the school year doesn’t just include parents buying their children new supplies and clothes.

It’s also the perfect time to discuss online safety and ensure they aren’t falling victim to scams, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The BBB urged parents to keep an eye not only on their child’s online activity, but also their social media accounts.

It’s also important for parents to monitor the E-mails their children receive. Since kids don’t have much online experience, the BBB said they’re more susceptible to clicking on links and providing personal information.

The BBB said parents should also be wary of what their children are downloading onto their devices.

There are a number of websites that allow children to download free games, photos and videos. What children might not realize is that those websites come with the risk of downloading a virus or providing scammers access to their devices, according to the BBB.

Contests and giveaways might also catch a child’s eye online. The BBB urged parents to ensure that their children don’t have access to banking or credit card information, and to supervise the filling out of any forms.

Parents should talk to their children on how to stay safe online and teach them how to keep their personal information secure. The BBB suggested using parental controls if necessary to keep track of their online activity and prevent them from accessing certain sites.

Those who choose to monitor their child’s online activities should explain why they’re keeping track of the websites they’re visiting, according to the BBB.

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