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Pride is all about celebrating who you are —proudly, without shame. This Pride, use your voice to talk to your friends and family about spotting and avoiding scams. So, how can you show your Pride and get the conversation started?

Here are some ideas — for this month or any day of the year.

  • Talk about scams that target the LGBTQ+ community. Scammers see everyone as potential targets. But they also know that, sometimes, we can be more trusting of those in our own communities — or who seem to be. For example, scammers have used LGBTQ+ dating apps for extortion scams.
  • Know your rights. Under federal law, it’s illegal for banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, retailers, or any other companies that extend credit to discriminate against you. So, during the application process or when making a credit decision, a creditor must not consider — among other things — your race or sex, including sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Report scams and bad business practices. However you have these conversations — during a parade, over a camp fire, or in your living room — encourage your friends and family to report scams and bad business practices (like credit discrimination) to the FTC at

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