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Beauregard officials issue warning to sex offenders ahead of Halloween | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

BEAUREGARD PARISH, La. (KPLC) – The Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office issued a warning to sex offenders to remind them of restrictions in participating in Halloween and other upcoming holidays.

BPSO wants to make the public aware that law enforcement officers will be monitoring the residences of convicted sex offenders throughout Beauregard Parish on Halloween night, Oct. 31.

The sheriff’s office advises these offenders not to decorate their home and to keep the outside lights turned off between the hours of 4 and 10 p.m. on Oct. 31 so as not to entice trick-or-treaters to their homes. Neighbors are encouraged to report any violations to police.

It is possible some communities may observe Halloween on Oct. 30, and police strongly recommend that the sign below be placed on the door of sex offenders on both days. Offenders who are on probation or parole have stricter guidelines to follow, and should contact their supervising agents for details to avoid violations.

The following sign is provided by BPSO for sex offenders to place on their front door indicating to the public their home is not participating in trick-or-treating.

Authorities say placing this sign on the front door of their home is mandatory for these offenders. Deputies and probation officers will be conducting verification checks between 4-10 p.m., and they state a violation of this law could result in an arrest.

More information is available HERE.

Authorities say placing this sign on the front door of their home is mandatory for these offenders.(Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office)

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