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Beirut Airport Screens Hacked with Anti-Hezbollah Message | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

The airport’s advertisement and flight information screens were hacked with messages criticizing Hezbollah and its leaders, accusing them of jeopardizing Lebanon and risking war with Israel.

The information display screens at Beirut’s international airport were hacked by anti-Hezbollah groups, highlighting the intensification of ongoing clashes between the Lebanese militant group and the Israeli military. The screens, which display arrival/departure times, displayed a message accusing Hezbollah of putting Lebanon at risk of war with Israel.

“Hassan Nasrallah, you will no longer have supporters if you curse Lebanon with a war for which you will bear responsibility and consequences,” the message read.

The screens featured logos from a hardline anti-LGBTQ+ Christian group called Soldiers of God and a lesser-known group called The One Who Spoke. Soldiers of God posted a video statement denying its involvement whereas The One Who Spoke shared screenshots of the screens on its social media pages.

According to MTV Lebanon, the hack disrupted baggage inspection as passengers took photos of the screens and shared them on social media. 

For your information, Hezbollah has been striking Israeli military bases near Lebanon’s northern border since October 8, one day after the Hamas-Israel war began and intensified last week after an Israeli strike killed Hamas official Saleh Arouri in southern Beirut.

On Saturday, Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah vowed to keep retaliating, dismissing criticism of a full-scale war with Israel unless the latter launches one. If it happens, Hezbollah predicts a limitless war.  

“We cannot keep silent about a violation of this seriousness because this means that all of our people will be exposed . All of our cities, villages, and public figures will be exposed,” Nasrallah said.

After Arouri’s killing, Hezbollah launched 62 rockets targeting an Israeli air surveillance base on Mount Meron, striking two army posts and causing direct hits. The Israeli military stated that 40 rockets were fired, targeting a base. Israeli army’s spokesperson, Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, reported no casualties, while Hezbollah claimed six fighters were killed, taking the total death toll to 150 since the beginning of clashes.

Nevertheless, focusing on airport screens is a widely used method for showcasing hacktivism in the region. In May 2018, the airport screens at Mashhad city in northeast Iran were hacked and defaced by an unknown group of hackers with messages against the Iranian government.

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