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Bement Community School upgrading school security | #schoolsaftey

BEMENT, Ill. (WCIA) — When Bement community school was built in 1899, they weren’t concerned about school shootings or violence. But in 2023, student safety is on the mind of every school administrator in the country.

“We’re anywhere five to ten minutes from law enforcement response if there was ever a need to have law enforcement here. And that’s after the initial notification,” said Mary Vogt, Bement superintendent.

Vogt is entering her second year as superintendent and besides the usual summer maintenance, security is a top priority.

“I need to do all I possibly can to make sure that our students and staff feel safe and are as safe as they possibly can be,” said Vogt.

Their new security system–with Beck Tech will link phones–cameras and the intercom all together. So, in case of an emergency, it’s all the touch of a button.

“They can hit that panic button then law enforcement will know exactly where that alarm was triggered. And then it will also trigger for the rest of the school so that they know we have an incident happening,” said Vogt.

Brit Miller is the owner of the Decatur security company. He said this system also allows teachers to be a part of the safety process.

“Teachers can actually give access to our camera system, right to the police or sheriff’s department so they could have a better ability to diagnose the situation and respond quicker,” said Miller.

Both said technology and surveillance can bring extra peace of mind and it’s time for school buildings to be a part of that.

“This is what happened in an 1899 building and how they’re able to keep their students and staff safe. And so, then they can also implement some of the things that we are doing,” said Vogt.

The new system will be up and running before school starts. Vogt hopes Bement will be the model school to show others how it works.

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