Bend-La Pine Schools to review sponsorship policies amid criticism of Nosler’s role at Mtn. View High | #schoolsaftey

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Bend-La Pine Schools said Friday they will review their policies regarding sponsorships and advertising on district property after some Mountain View High School parents and teachers complained about a visible athletic sponsorship this fall by Bend ammunition-maker Nosler.

“The fact that the high school does not have a policy against sponsors who are inappropriate is completely unacceptable,” a community member who asked not to be named said in an email to NewsChannel 21, adding that “teachers who have challenged this decision are not being heard.”

The sponsorship critic said that in light of a recent fatal shooting in downtown Bend, and the fact that the East Bend Safeway shooter was a Mountain View student, the sponsorship that has included some team shirts emblazoned with the company name and a prominent Nosler sign on the football field’s scoreboard — now removed — “is incredibly upsetting, and completely inappropriate.”

In response, the school district provided this information to NewsChannel 21, which indicated the school had only heard two negative comments and concerns from a parent of one of the players:

Does the District have a policy for sponsorships of athletic teams, or is it decided on a case-by-case basis?

“The district has an Administrative Regulation on Advertising in District Facilities, which details types of advertisements the district will not accept on district property:

Who is in charge if acquiring and approving sponsorships?

“The regulation cited above states, “The superintendent or designee shall approve advertisements on district property on a case-by-case basis.  Such advertisements may be renewed on a three-year basis.”

“Typically, sponsorships are approved at the school level by the Athletic Director, Principal or other members of the school administration. When considering these opportunities, we need to be aware of how our decisions align with our commitment to promote a culture of safety in our schools.

What is the status of the Nosler sponsorship on athlete shirts and on the Mt View HS scoreboard?

“The District plans to review its policies and procedures related to sponsorships and advertising on district property. In addition, the District will work to ensure its practices for displaying sponsor signs and banners align with District policies and procedures.

“The Nosler sign on the scoreboard is not up at this time. That is on hold as we consider the two comments the school received about the sponsorship.

“Regarding the JV soccer team shirts (which are not official team uniforms), the principal asked the coach to have the team refrain from wearing those while we review the concerns raised by the parent of one of the players.

“We are listening to this feedback and are interested in how students, staff, families and community members perceive the way our community sponsors are recognized for contributions to school programs,” said Katie Legace, Executive Director of High Schools. “This issue is a great example of how we can work with our community to ensure all of our practices uphold our commitment to safe and welcoming school environments.”

Mountain View Principal Michael Hicks said: “Nosler is a local, family-owned company with strong ties to Mountain View High School and a long history of support for school athletics and students.

“It’s important to us that all of our students, families and employees feel safe, and that we are actively promoting a culture of safety in our schools,” Hicks added.

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