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Berkeley Co. Schools using app, tag system to increase bus safety | #schoolsaftey

MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (WCSC) – The Berkeley County School District is headed back to school Monday, and for many parents, it’s now easier to make sure their students get to and from school safely and on time.

School districts all across the state are rolling out a bus route tracking app that gives real-time updates on routes, stops, and pick-up times.

Along with the bus route tracking app, the district is starting a unique tagging program to identify which students can be released off the bus without a guardian with them.

Students in pre-k through 5th grade must have a red, yellow, or green tag to signify how they’ll get home safely. Red means they need a parent to get off the bus. Yellow means they can get off as long as they are accompanied by their sibling who is in at least the 3rd grade. Green means they are free to go on their own.

In addition to this new safety measure, parents can now use the Traversa Ride 360 app to see their child’s bus routes and track their arrival live. The South Carolina Department of Education purchased this routing software that allows parents of students in pre-k through 12th to review bus information at the touch of their fingertips.

It doesn’t matter if you have multiple children in different Berkeley County schools. The app allows you to make profiles for all of your kids so you can make sure each of them gets on the right bus on time.

“It’s so exciting because we’re walking away from the antiquated system that we have of just posting bus routes on the website. Now, parents can download the app on their phones,” Director of Transportation at BCSD Tyra Ramsey said. “They can actually see where their student’s bus stop is, the time, the drop-off. It’ll actually tell them where the bus is, so it’s not longer, if it’s raining they’d have to sit out there for 20 minutes waiting on a bus to come. They can see a minute ahead of time, okay let me run outside and go catch that bus.”

Visit the BCSD website for the links to the web portal and app downloads for Traversa Ride 360.

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