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The highly anticipated sci-fi RPG from Bethesda, Starfield is extremely popular with players racing to the stars to explore everything that they can see, even when there are tons of planets along the way. However, with people so focused on planets and spaceships, it sometimes means that you might be missing on some other details Bethesda had put in the game.

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Trust us, there are a ton of things that you can pick up on in the game. Whether it’s abandoned landmarks or just some nice attention to detail, the game is packed with a lot of care for the smaller things. So here are some things you likely missed when it comes to Starfield.

10 The Moon Landing

Yes, we mean that moon landing, the first one that was all the way back in 1969. Despite the game taking place centuries later in 2330, you can still find the remnants of the Apollo 11 moon landing. It’s a nice reference to an actual real space mission and a heartwarming tribute to one of the most famous undertakings of astral exploration in human history.

You can find the Lunar Excursion module as well as the American flag still standing, the remnant of a historical nation to a planet that has long since met its demise and was once the home of the human race.

9 Hours Without Incident

This is more of a fun detail than anything, but one that some people still don’t know about. If you go to Cydonia, you will see a billboard that reads “Hours Without Incident.” But what you probably didn’t know is that this isn’t just some nice set dressing.

If you shoot someone or otherwise perform a hostile action, then the hours without incident counter resets to zero and apparently updates in real-time since the last, well, incident. It’s a nice little detail and a humorous one too.

8 Pyramids Of Egypt

A broken down pyramid in Starfield

By the time of Starfield, Earth has fallen. It’s sad to see that the home of our civilisation has fallen into disarray, even as natural as it may seem. After all, time takes everything, even something as monumental as the pyramids. You can find one of the pyramids dilapidated and aged, but still standing, if barely.

It’s a harrowing reminder of what could eventually happen to our planet, especially if we leave to go scour the stars. But the fact the monument still stands is a testament to how great it is, that it still lasts even when humans have left the planet.

7 Don’t Use

A space helmet that has a tape reading Don't Use in Starfield

During the game, you’re bound to loot all sorts of weapons and other items, including armour like helmets which are a necessity in space. However, there’s one helmet that you probably don’t want to use, mostly because it has a warning on tape that reads “DON’T USE” on the front visor.

The funny thing is, if you actually decide to go against the advice and put on the helmet, then you will see that the piece of tape will cover part of your screen since it’s on the visor, blocking some of your view. They did warn you.

A museum exhibit in Starfield detailing notes on an ancient scroll

Bethesda loves to put references to its other works in its games and since Starfield is joining the company’s family of iconic RPG series, it only makes sense to show off some love to Fallout or The Elder Scrolls. Well, it did that for the latter with what seems to be a literal elder scroll.

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If you go to the Titan, the moon off Saturn, you can find a museum that has a familiar scroll in it, which is described as a scroll of unknown date or origin that has been lost to time.

5 The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building in Starfield surrounded by a deserted wasteland

It’s not just the pyramids that are left still standing on Earth. You might come across a quest to actually visit a New York landmark that is left on the abandoned home planet of Earth, in which you will see The Empire State Building surrounded by no dregs of the city that it once was situated in.

Although much of the surrounding area has suffered from desertification, leaving behind mountains of sand, the building still stands. It’s a nice little detail to give you an idea of where you are on the planet and shows signs of our past civilisation.

4 Extended Warranty

A ship claiming that the player has an extended warranty in Starfield in the middle of space

It’s said that human nature doesn’t change. Despite all the different cultures, empires, kingdoms, and countries that have come and gone, humans will almost always be the same and that definitely translates into the future of Starfield, as you may encounter ships that claim they have been trying to reach you about your starship’s extended warranty.

You should know that these are just scammers (like what often happens in real life) and you can dispatch these annoying scammers with ease.

3 Lasers Don’t Push You In Zero-G

The player floating in a zero gravity ship in Starfield

Since you’re going to be in space, you’ll also have to deal with a lot of different environmental effects, including some planets that are even hazardous to be on the surface of. However, what you’ll also deal with is being in zero gravity and sometimes that even means fighting in zero-G too.

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But some very nice attention to detail is here when it comes to combat in no gravity, as ballistic weapons will push you back if you fire them, but laser weapons do not, making them advantageous to use in this situation.

2 The Opportunity Rover

The Mars Opportunity Rover left standing in Starfield

Another nice little touch when it comes to Starfield and previous missions in space is that you can find the Mars Opportunity Rover on the planet, still left standing and inactive after giving its last communications years ago.

It’s another nice nod to what some may consider a less famous case of human exploration among the stars. It’s great to see that the rover hasn’t been destroyed or decayed over time, as if it’s just taking a rest from exploring the rest of the planet.

1 The Shard Still Stands

The Shard skyscraper in Starfield surrounded by a desert wasteland

Finally, when it comes to landmarks that are left on Earth, there’s another — The Shard, known not just as the tallest building in the United Kingdom, but the tallest building in all of western Europe. You can see why the towering skyscraper is still standing despite the planet’s abandonment.

The Shard can be found as part of another objective in a quest to find London’s landmark where you will be able to eventually find The Shard building, the last vestige of the entire United Kingdom on planet Earth.

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