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If you’re down on your luck using Reddit r4r and simply want to meet someone that understands every part of your soul, then you might be interested in looking for the best dating sites on the internet.

Finding someone is hard especially in this day and age where we are so busy with work, with personal matters, and sorting our life together. Thankfully for you there are dating sites and dating apps that do these jobs for us like OkCupid, Tinder, and many more! And why settle with the mediocre sites if you have the best dating sites on our list.

Editor’s Choice

Adult FriendFinder

  • Serious users
  • Easy to use
  • Extremely popular
  • Very good for adult dating

Best Online Hookup Sites 2021

1. Adult FriendFinder – Editor’s Choice

2. Ashley Madison – Best Match Speed

3. Seeking Arrangement – Best Sugar Baby Website

4. BBWCupid – Best for BBWs

5. Hinge – Best Match Options

6. Doublelist – Best For Posting

7. Zoosk.com – Best virtual experience

8. DaddyHunt – Best Gay Dating App

9. Bumble – Best Networking

10.Tinder – Best Mobile Choice

1. Adult FriendFinder: Editor’s Choice


  • Popular adult dating site
  • Good for datings and casual dating
  • Amazing dating profile


  • More geared towards casual relationships
  • Bad for long term relationships
  • Limits free members

Check out Adult FriendFinder

We consider Adult Friend Finder as the best hookup site on this list for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s one of the most popular dating sites that have been around for a long time. The user base is very active and you can easily find a partner once or casual dating once you’ve applied to the website.

It’s also a good thing that the online dating site is catered towards people who have paid accounts since it lessens the chances of scammers or trolls from participating and ruining your fun. Sadly this also means that you have to pay before enjoying the benefits of this site, so it might not be a good choice for people who don’t have money to spare.

Now the reason why this site is good for hook ups is that it doesn’t disguise itself as a social media platform to find friends. The site is mainly about casual dating with no strings attached. Some people even call it an inappropriate site for casual dating. But you can’t deny that it has a good gender proportion of men, women, and trans members looking for a good time.

Overall, Adult Friend Finder is a good choice if you’re finding men, women, trans, and even power couples to have fun with. It might not be a good site for someone looking for a long-term relationship but it’s one of the best casual dating sites out there.

2. Ashley Madison: Best Match Speed


  • Free for Women
  • Good age group difference
  • Easy to find a match
  • Top-tier online dating website


  • Outdated gender divisions
  • Targeted more for datings
  • Old interface

Check out Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is an old but gold dating site that has a good female to male ratio and is still considered as one of the best hookup sites even after all these years.

One good thing about this dating site is that it’s very basic and simple. Unlike other modern dating sites and apps, Ashley Madison doesn’t require a lot of data from your phone which makes it a good choice if you like quick response times.

And because Ashley Madison has been around as early as 2002, it’s very popular. So popular that you can easily find a lot of potential dates and casual encounters with members of different genders.

Lastly, the website is geared towards women when it comes to convenience as women don’t need to pay any money to join. This also makes the dating website good for finding a sugar daddy and pairing them up with sugar babies.

3. Seeking Arrangement: Best Sugar Baby Website


  • Fast and effective
  • Good app for women
  • No need to make the first move


  • Elitist user base
  • You need money to get a match

Check out Seeking Arrangement

Unlike other dating apps and online hookup sites out there, Seeking Arrangement is very different. It’s a dating platform where sugar daddies or sugar mommies can find attractive sugar babies that they can spoil and have fun with.

It’s less like social media sites and about finding friends for casual dating and more of a dating platform where both successful and financially stable men and women can cut out the crap and make arrangements with each other.

Overall if you’re a man or woman who’s looking for a sugar baby to have then this is a good site for you. The opposite is also true, if you’re young and attractive, then you could also use this site to find a sugar daddy or mommy to help you with your financial needs.

4. BBWCupid: Best for BBWs


  • Good for BBW women
  • Open minded users
  • Mobile friendly


Check out BBWCupid

In this day and age we have more than one standard for beauty which is exactly what BBWCupid has caught on to. They provide its users who have different tastes and standards for beauty an option to choose the perfect match for them. A match that isn’t the one advertised by society but one that they truly suit their needs and wants.

If you’re into curvy women or a curvy woman yourself, then you might be interested in BBWCupid. As the name implies, it’s a dating site and app designed for “big beautiful women”. But aside from this, the website is up to date with modern day interface and it is also very mobile friendly considering that it has an android app version as well.

5. Hinge: Best Match Options


  • Amazing preferences filter
  • Modern dating app
  • Easy to find a partner


  • Lots of paywalls
  • Skipped members might appear again

If you want to increase the chance of finding the best match for you, then you’re going to love Hinge. Hinge is a dating app and that has a good female to male ratio. Now what separates it from the rest is does it’s matching much better than other dating sites or dating apps.

Hinge has a long list of preferences for its matching which allows you to choose the location of your partner or how far they are away from you. It’s also good to know that you can choose filters like education, financial background, race, religion, height, and many more!

6. Doublelist


  • Works like craigslist
  • Easy to use
  • Tons of matches


  • Very competitive
  • Might contain scammers and spammers

Doublelist is an amazing option if you’re finding a good dating partner in your current city or location. It doesn’t work like other dating sites and it’s more of a classified ads website where you can post what you need and want. Think of it as a more up to date version of Craigslist.

We highly recommend that you use this website if you want to find a lot of potential matches. Since you yourself can see all of the replies for your post and find the best partner for you. This option requires more effort but it certainly gives you more options to choose from compared to the matches you get in other dating sites.

7. Zoosk.com


  • Bulk discounts
  • Easy to use
  • Virtual currency and gifts


  • A bit spammy
  • May contain troll users

Zoosk is one of the more modern and up to date forms of dating sites. Unlike other dating sites, Zoosk does its best to stand out by providing something new and interesting for its users.

First of all, Zoosk has its very own virtual currency which you can use in the site itself. Now what makes this fun is that you can purchase gifts with this currency and send it to people that you like. This makes for a better overall virtual experience compared to other dating sites that still think that it’s the early 2000s.

A much more modernized dating site, Zoosk is much easier to use compared to others. Their interface is very intuitive and you can easily do what you like thanks to their intuitive design.

Aside from this, they are also more up to date with what people need and want on these websites. Say goodbye to long and time-consuming forms and late matches since Zoosk is all about making things happen as soon as possible without sacrificing quality.

8. DaddyHunt


  • Bi-curious men friendly
  • Good looking members
  • Easy to use


  • Niche dating app
  • Only for men

Most modern day dating apps are more sensitive to the wants and needs of its customers. Of course this also involves people with different gender orientations as well. And this call for niche dating sites and apps.

Speaking of niche dating apps, DaddyHunt is a good choice if you’re looking for dates with the same gender. The app itself is catered for males as it is is targeted at gay, bi, and bi-curious men.

If you’re having gay thoughts and feelings or if you simply want to explore your gender more then DaddyHunt is a good choice as they accept all ages of males from young to more mature men.

9. Bumble


  • Good for women
  • Ideal for making friends
  • Long term relationship friendly


  • Not ideal for datings
  • Men can’t send the first message

It’s weird for a dating app to be considered as the best for networking on this list but there’s a reason for that. Bumble isn’t just a dating app because you can also use this to find business partners and friends.

As a dating app, it’s more casual and less about datings and more about building a good connection with your potential partner. So if you’re looking for a long-term relationship with a special someone then Bumble is one of the best choices.

10. Tinder


  • Easy to use
  • Very popular
  • Tons of matches


  • Limited options for free users

If you haven’t heard of Tinder, then you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years. Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps which easily helps you to find matches online. And because of its popularity, you can easily find the best person to suit your relationship needs or even dating needs.

Tinder is one of the easiest dating apps to use as you only need to swipe left or right when finding the ideal date. It’s also friendly and free to use but of course, the paid version is better with more benefits.

Are Dating Sites Legit?

Yes. These websites and apps make money by helping people find partners for potential relationships, to make friends, and even for casual dating. Most of these websites have good gender proportion and most of them accept all gender orientations with even some websites prioritizing gay men and women.

How To Stay Safe(r) When Using Hookup Sites

It’s understandable if there’s a part of you that is concerned about the safeties of these dating sites and apps. After all, there are tons of stories about scammers and people getting catfished from these websites. This is why it’s best that you take some precautions when using these apps.

Here are some tips and tricks to keep yourself safe when using these dating apps:

  • Don’t reveal personal information
  • Meet up in a public place first
  • Don’t’ use misleading photos
  • Follow your instincts
  • Make sure someone knows you are going on a date
  • Practice safe dating
  • Optimize your dating profile
  • Give your match a chance
  • Make the first move
  • Try the mobile version of the app
  • Be wary of troll accounts
  • Ask for pictures to avoid being catfished
  • Don’t accept or give money to potential datings
  • Avoid drinking alcohol on the first date
  • Take note of your partner’s kinks and fetishes
  • Use filter options for better matches
  • Avoid sketchy users

Where Are Your Best Chances of Dating?

It depends on your personality and your preferences. If you’re more into the casual things, then sites like Tinder and Adult FriendFinder are more suited for you. If you prioritize security first then a dating app like Pure App is a good choice. If you’re bi or gay, then sites like Grindr and Daddyhunt are amazing choices if you want partners of the same gender orientation.

Overall, all of the websites on our list have a good chance of helping you find that perfect match. However, some just do it better since not all websites on our list are purely for datings as we also have Match.com and Bumble which prioritizes relationships over datings.

There Are Different Types Of Dating Sites

After reading through the dating sites and apps on our list you might notice that some of them might focus on datings with no strings attached while others are about finding possible partners that you can have a relationship with. There are many different types of dating sites and it’s good information to know before applying for any of them.

Old School Dating

These websites are more focused on helping you find a partner that you can have a relationship with. Sites like Match.com and OkCupid are good examples of these websites. This makes it the ideal website if you’re looking for a long-term relationship with the people you match with.

Casual Dating Sites

As the name implies, these sites are more focused on casual dating. Of course, these websites can still be used for dating but generally speaking, Fun times comes first before forming proper relationships. Sites like Tinder and Adult FriendFinder are good examples of these sites.

Final Thoughts

Modern-day life is so fast and busy that we may not have time for ourselves and for fishing potential partners to hook up with or to form relationships with. This is why it’s good to know the best dating sites out there to find the right partner. Hopefully, you’ve found our list to be very helpful and we hope that it was informational for you all.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are dating sites and apps safe?

A: They are generally safe but it’s best to be cautious as they might contain scammers.

2. Do I have to pay to use a dating site?

A: No. You don’t have to pay a dating site to use it. Most dating sites are free but paying for a premium will give you advantages and a better experience.

3. Which dating Site is good for younger guys?

A: Sites like Tinder and Hinge are better for the younger generations thanks to being more mobile-friendly and better search functions.

4. What personal information do dating websites collect?

A: Most dating websites collect important information they can use to match up with people. So that would be age, gender, location, and preferences.

5. Are any adult dating sites completely free?

A: Yes, there are tons of free adult dating sites however most of them have paid versions that grant privileges to paying users. That’s why it’s hard to find the best free dating sites among them.

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