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People have been consulting psychics to gain insight and internal perspective into their futures for the longest time. However, the services were not as easily accessible as they are noFree Psychic Reading Online: Best Psychic Websites For Phone, Chat & Video Readingswadays. Now anyone can consult expert psychics through online websites whenever and wherever. This article presents you with some of the best and most credible online psychic reading sites.

These sites provide a highly facilitative platform to customers by offering readings and expertise on several topics. The psychics are also professional and have considerable experience, which makes their readings even more accurate and reliable.

While opting for online psychic reading sites, you ensure that you have chosen the correct platform to make it worth the investment. Many scammers on the internet could exploit you and not deliver the required services. Therefore, we have made things easier for you by short-listing the top 5 online psychic reading sites. So let’s find out!

Best Online Psychic Reading Platforms in 2023

#1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Psychic Reading Platform

Purple Garden is a well-reputed free psychic reading platform currently operating in the market. It offers readings on various aspects, including love life, dream analysis, horoscopes, tarot card readings, astrological advice, and so on. The site holds an array of highly competent and experienced professionals that can provide accurate and reliable readings to customers. Customers can access this platform through its official website and app. Psychics are available to give readings in different mediums such as messages, video calls, and voice messages.

This site makes the experience very easy for its customers as psychics can be selected based on the topic you require guidance on. Customers can filter out the available experts and offer readings according to their requirements. The sign-up process is also extremely simple as you only need a username and password and your address, bank details, etc., at the time of payment. You can pay through credit card, debit card, PayPal, American Express cards, etc.

The official website contains detailed profiles of the psychics and fortune tellers. These profiles provide details about their experience, customer reviews, qualification, area of expertise, etc. Customers can go through these profiles to get reassured regarding their credibility and then choose the fortune teller that they find most suitable. Purple Garden is known to provide trustworthy and accurate readings, as confirmed by their large base of clients.

Customers have been able to acquire advice and readings on many different subjects through this platform. It also provides them a chance to share their overall experience with other individuals using the site, making it an even more insightful platform for you. Purple Garden’s network of fortune tellers is one of the most popular, as proven by its customer response and ratings.

Customers using this site for the first time are also given a $10 credit on the initial reading. The prices of this service range from $0.99 to $14.99 per minute. It also gives customers a feasible medium to give feedback, resolve any issues or queries, and gain assistance. Therefore, not only does this platform provide efficiency within its readings, but it also gives customers a wholesome experience through its customer services.


  • A large network of psychics is available 
  • Offers various readings, e.g., tarot cards, horoscopes, love advice, etc
  • Prices lie between $0.99-$14.99
  • Expert profiles are provided in complete detail
  • Psychics can be filtered based on customer requirement
  • Customers can pay through debit, credit, American Express cards, etc
  • Customer feedback can be accessed through the website
  • Services can be availed through a mobile app and website


  • The psychics have great expertise and experience
  • Provision of accurate readings
  • Easy to use website
  • Readings offered in various mediums, e.g., video call, chat, etc
  • $10 credit given to first-time clients
  • The first few minutes are free


  • It can be considered costly
  • The site has limited properties

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews for Purple Garden can easily be accessed through its platform. Most of its clients are highly satisfied with its services and swear by the accuracy of the readings and insights provided by the expert fortune tellers. People find it reliable as it is known to hire trustworthy and competent psychics that can provide genuine guidance to customers. Its customer services are also appreciated as they further facilitate the experience.

#2. Kasamba – Online Psychic, Tarot and Tarot Readings


Kasamba is a platform that was founded back in 1999 and aimed to provide people with all the free psychic readings and astrological insight that they require. It offers many different types of reading that can be accessed through direct phone calls, chat, and email. It offers a substantial number of readings, including horoscopes, love, relationship, tarot card readings, social life, etc. The site shows profiles of various psychics with expertise in different areas and can be chosen based on the customer’s preference.

The platform aims at providing efficient and facilitative services to its customers as it allows first-time customers to get a free reading for a specified time before they have to start paying for the service, which provides them better insight into what they will be investing in. It also offers a minimum discount of $50 to customers who are not fully satisfied with the offered services. It also offers several offers and discounts, making it a reasonable option.

The site contains detailed information regarding the available psychics, which includes particulars regarding their credentials, expertise, previous experience, customer ratings, etc. Their profiles give you a clear idea of how experienced and credible the psychics are. You can also choose the free psychic you find most suited to you to get the most out of the fortune-telling experience.

Kasamba’s services can be availed through its website and mobile application. Customers can sign up easily by making an account and booking their readings after filtering out the psychics and choosing whichever type of reading they require. The prices range from $1.99 to $30 per minute. Experts demand different prices depending on the quality of readings they can provide based on their experience and credibility.

Overall, this platform focuses on providing ease and convenience to its customers by providing customer care policies, discounts, offers, etc. It has assisted thousands of customers in attaining an astrological perspective regarding their futures and continues to do so through its exceptional services.


  • Available through the website and mobile app
  • Prices are from $1.99 to $30.0
  • A variety of readings offered
  • User-friendly and convenient website
  • Customers can get readings through messages, phone calls, and emails


  • Discounts of 50% and above for first-time customers
  • Refunds offered in case of subpar experiences
  • Informative profiles of psychics are available on the website
  • Experienced and professional psychics are available
  • The first three minutes are free of charge
  • Customer reviews provided


  • The free readings are limited to an initial 3 minutes
  • Some psychics may have relatively expensive rates

Customer Reviews

Its customers widely appreciate Kasamba. Customers especially applaud the vast range of services and rates offered through this platform. The general perception regarding this platform is that it provides highly accurate free psychic readings and can be of great use to people looking for a glimpse into different aspects of life. Kasamba has established a great reputation for itself due to the sustained quality of services it provides its clients, making it one of the top choices for only psychic reading sites.

#3. Mysticsense – Best Site for LGBTQ+ Relationships

Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 1.54.33 PM.png


Mysticsense is another reputable online site that provides authentic psychic readings. A large variety of fortune tellers and experts on this website can provide guidance on different topics and give out various types of readings. Examples include tarot card readings, love and relationship coaching, energy healing, etc. You can take help from an expert specializing in the area you need help with by filtering them out based on your suitability. Many specific categories are available on different topics, which can make the experience even more personalized for each customer.

Psychic readings are provided on Mysticsense through video calls, chat, and phone calls. Customers can choose whichever medium they are most comfortable with. The prices lie between $0.99 to $10 per minute. These prices are pre-decided, and customers have been informed of the rates beforehand. The charges may differ according to the psychics.

Customers can easily sign up for Mysticsense‘s services through its website by email, password, phone number, etc. Customers are also asked about their location and time zone, which is handy as the site offers an interesting feature where they offer psychics based on availability according to their local time. This feature makes the process convenient for customers and distinguishes this site from others.

Additionally, Mysticsense offers resourceful tips on how to avoid potential scams when it comes to free psychic reading sites. This can help educate first-time customers and make them wary of potential risks that can arise with the availing of such services. You can safeguard your experience by going through this information.

The platforms carefully screen their psychics before hiring them to ensure they are credible and can provide accurate readings. The site also gives the first 5 minutes of the initial readings free of cost. Customers can also get refunds if they are unsatisfied with their services. Mysticsense is a highly viable option when you want to get a reliable free psychic reading at affordable pricing.


  • Psychic reading available through video chat, phone calls, and chat
  • A large range of readings provided
  • User-friendly and facilitative website
  • Customers can choose psychics based on individual requirement
  • Prices range from $0.99 to $10
  • Offer guidance on specific topics


  • Highly credible psychics are available
  • Positively reviewed by customers
  • Offer available psychics according to your time zone
  • The First 5 minutes are free
  • Refund policy in case of an unsatisfactory experience
  • Informative website
  • The site offers reasonable prices


  • Services are only available through the website
  • Refund does not apply beyond the first 2 days
  • Some psychics may charge higher

Customer Reviews

Mysticsense has garnered a series of positive reviews from its customers as they praise the efficiency and reliability of its services. The free psychic readers offer trustworthy and helpful readings on many different topics, from love coaching to grief counseling. It is also known for providing unique features through its website that further contribute to the worth of using this site. Mysticsense‘s favorable reviews and high ratings speak volumes of its quality services and overall legitimacy.

#4. Keen – Trusted Psychic Mediums For Love Relationships

Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 1.56.06 PM.png


Keen is a psychic reading site that has built a successful place for itself in the market over the years as a legitimate provider of online fortune telling at affordable prices. Its network of experienced psychics goes up to around 1800, with readers having great expertise in many different areas. You can get an insight into your career, love life, pet readings, horoscopes, etc., through this platform. Keen has grown remarkably since it was first founded more than 20 years ago and has provided many customers with quality and free psychic readings.

Keen has a very informative and resourceful website. Its services can be availed worldwide, and it has readers that can speak a few different languages, such as Chinese, which can facilitate international customers. You can get a reading through chat or phone calls. You are not required to pay for the first 3 minutes of the first reading. The general pricing range falls between $1.99 to $9.99 per minute.

It also prioritizes customer care by offering refunds to customers who have had a subpar experience. You can sign up pretty easily by inserting your email id and date of birth. The profiles of the psychic readers are available on the site; hence, customers can read through them and choose the one with the most expertise in the area of their choice. There is a great variety of readers that are highly competent and can ensure accuracy within their readings.

Keen is a great platform for customers seeking advice on a particular matter as it can give guidance suited to the customer’s needs. Keen has become a go-to for people seeking free psychic readings and is, therefore, considered a top option.


  • A huge variety of psychics is available
  • Different readings are offered, e.g., tarot cards, pet readings, love coaching, etc.
  • Psychics can be chosen based on specific requirements
  • Provides services through phone calls and messages
  • Prices range from $1.99 to $9.99
  • Provides readings in different languages
  • Easy to navigate website


  • Reliable and capable psychics are available
  • Refund policy in case of dissatisfaction
  • Initial three minutes are free on the first readings
  • Efficient customer care services
  • High accuracy rate
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Services can’t be availed through a video call

Customer Reviews

Keen has become a household name for online psychic reading sites. Customers have greatly appreciated the accuracy and quality of readings provided through this site. It offers a wholesome experience to customers by providing them with various psychics and subsequent readings. It is also popular due to the reasonable rates that it offers as compared to other sites.

#5. PsychicOz – Reliable Psychic Readings By Phone & Chat

Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 1.57.25 PM.png


PsychicOz is an online psychic reading site that was founded a long time ago, in 1989. Since then, it has successfully aided many customers in acquiring accurate psychic readings on various topics. The network of psychics is highly skilled and can provide various types of readings. Customers find this site reliable and efficient.

PsychicOz has a simple application process, where customers solely have to provide an email and password to sign up. You are not charged any extra fee while registering. It has an informative website, which provides detailed profiles of the psychics, including their previous experience, specialization, ratings, etc. You can select your preferred expert based on your personal suitability and the area you require assistance.

Moreover, the readings can be received through email or phone calls. It also provides up-front information to customers regarding the rates offered. You can avail of these services anytime, making it a highly feasible option. The payment is deducted through a secure process, which further safeguards the customer experience.

The prices range from $1 to $4.99 per minute based on whether you go for email readings or phone calls at the discounted rates, which are granted to first-time customers. In comparison, the rates lie between $2.99 to $9.99 per minute according to the regular pricing. PsychicOz offers easily accessible and convenient services to its valued customers, adding to its appeal.


  • It offers many different types of readings
  • Discounted prices lie between $1 to $4.99
  • General pricing is from $2.00 to $9.99
  • Convenient sign-up process
  • Readings can be provided through email, phone, and chat


  • Discounted prices offered to first-time customers
  • A large network of psychics is available
  • User-friendly website
  • Informative customer profiles are provided on the website
  • Ensure the privacy of customers
  • No membership or sign-up fee


  • Refunds are not offered
  • Limited mediums of communication

Customer Reviews

PsychicOz has many positive reviews as customers applaud how they offer different readings, and the readings provided are accurate and reliable. The discounts offered also make it a reasonable option for customers. It also caters to a larger audience by giving readings in various other languages, which further attracts customers. Customers appreciate the ease of use that comes with this platform.

Factors to Consider While Choosing An Online Psychic Reading Site

For online psychic reading sites, there are several factors that you should carefully consider and give priority to determine the authenticity and legitimacy of a platform. The internet has made it possible for everyone to set up sites. However, not all of them are reliable or credible. Therefore, conduct proper research and select well-known and legitimate sites.

Online sites must have skillful and credible readers that can give accurate readings and be worth the amount invested. You can ensure this by reading up on the site’s screening process, the psychic’s profiles, the customer reviews, etc.

There is always a fear of scammers and frauds while availing of an online service. Therefore, you should always stay wary of that as you can get exploited if you accidentally opt for a questionable site. Therefore, certain aspects must be given special importance when choosing an online psychic. Some of the primary factors that must be considered are:

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a highly accurate representation of the quality of services that are provided by a particular site. Most credible psychic reading sites mention their customer reviews on the platform and in each reader’s profile. If you can find a majority of positive reviews on a particular site from reliable resources, then it is safe to invest in their services. Customer reviews come from personal experience; therefore, they can be trusted. The higher the number of favorable reviews, the higher the expected accuracy rate of a particular site. It is recommended that you avoid sites with bad reviews or no reviews at all as they are most likely not trustworthy.

Mediums of Interaction

You should consider the mediums of communication a particular site offers before investing in them. Online tarot reading sites offer various mediums such as chat, video calls, phone calls, emails, etc. The mode of interaction should be chosen based on what you are most comfortable with. If you prefer written readings, opt for psychics that will provide them through email or messages. If you want a more interactive and personal experience, video and phone calls are more suitable. Many well-known sites offer all these mediums to attain readings. Therefore, choose a site that offers the medium you will be most comfortable with and can get the most value out of.

The Hiring and Selection Process

You can decipher the credibility of a particular psychic by learning what process they went through before being hired by the site. Detailed screening processes entail introductory videos, test readings, and background checks. All these factors can help decide whether a particular psychic is competent enough to provide accurate and trustworthy readings. Most dependable sites will mention their screening process to gain customer trust and confidence. It is recommended that you choose a platform that has a detailed and elaborate process as that will eventually establish how skilled the readers are in this field.

The Prices Offered

Customers are mostly charged by the minute on online psychics. Prices can also vary according to a particular psychic’s stature and level of expertise. You should go through the price range offered by a particular site before availing of its services to ensure that the rates align with your affordability. There are risks associated with online services, where some platforms may overcharge you for subpar services. Therefore, conduct your research on the prices and payment methods before choosing a site. There are a few legitimate sites that offer quality services at relatively reasonable prices as well, which make for pocket-friendly options.

Variety of Readings Offered

Psychic readings can be divided into many types and categories. These include tarot card readings, love spells and relationship coaching, career advice, grief counseling, energy healing, and so on. Well-known and credible sites offer readings on various topics that can assist a wide range of customers as they can have varying requirements. You should ensure that the platform you choose offers the readings you desire and that they have expert psychics who specialize in providing those types of readings. Some sites also allow customers to filter out psychics based on specific criteria.

Customer Service Policies

Customer service policies play a huge role in making a service facilitative and convenient for customers. A site must have efficient customer care policies that can help safeguard your overall experience. These policies include refund schemes in case of unsatisfactory experiences, complaint registration outlets, free trial minutes, etc. If a site offers such policies, it will most likely provide you with a worthwhile experience as these policies can assist customers. Easy-to-navigate websites and helpful customer service agents can provide convenience and ease to customers. You should be able to have an outlet to consult with in case of a problem or query; therefore, efficient customer services are essential.

Online Psychics Vs. Offline Psychics

As time has progressed, the art of psychic reading has expanded into the digital world, as opposed to older times when these services were not as easily accessible. Online readings have made it possible for a greater and more diverse audience to access these services easily and conveniently. Offline psychic services can be more personalized due to face-to-face interaction; however, even online services offer these features through video calls. Online psychic readers can now enable customers to get various types of readings from the comfort of their homes. Offline services require more resources and time, making them relatively less workable than online services.

Online services have revolutionized the art of fortune telling as customers can now seek easy guidance on several topics in the most convenient manner. These sites also make It possible for individuals to choose from a network of experts that specialize in some areas and can offer reading based on their requirements. This feature can not be explored with offline psychic readings. You can also filter out the experts based on your requirements through these online sites and get specific and personalized guidance.

Through online services, you can explore various mediums of communication, including written messages, phone calls, etc. Therefore, you can opt for the one that makes you most comfortable. Overall, online psychic reading services are more viable than offline services as they offer many aspects that can make the experience more convenient and worthwhile for customers.

Frequently Asked Questions: Online Psychic Reading Sites

Q1. Can Psychics Make Accurate Predictions?

Ans. The skill of fortune telling is held by many individuals, and they can polish them if they can give accurate readings regarding various aspects of people’s lives. Credible and experienced psychics that possess the skill might make highly accurate predictions that can be of great value to individuals as they can give you a glimpse into what is coming.

Q2. When Should I Consult A Psychic?

Ans. Psychics can be consulted when looking for insight and guidance on aspects revolving around your life, such as your love life, career, social life, family, etc. They can also make predictions regarding your future to help you expect and prepare for what is to come. You can go to a psychic if you are facing a dilemma or need some astrological help and guidance. Psychics can also help you make important life decisions that might cause you to feel unsure or confused. You can gain clarity by consulting psychics.

Q3. Are Online Psychic Reading Sites Safe?

Ans. There are many sites available on the internet. However, not all of them should be trusted blindly. It will be safe to use if you opt for a credible and authentic site. Such sites ensure that customer privacy is preserved and their details are not given out to readers. You should only trust well-reputed sites as they will safeguard your experience efficiently.

Q4. How Do You Decipher Whether An Online Psychic Reading Site is Trustworthy

Ans. Many factors can help you consider whether or not a particular site is reliable. Foremost, you should look into the brand’s overall reputation by going through the customer reviews and feedback as they reflect the efficiency and credibility of a particular platform. Positive reviews show that the site is efficient and can be trusted. Second, you should also go through the profiles of the experts offered as they show their customer ratings, experience, specializations, and so on. These factors can help you decipher whether a particular site is trustworthy.

Q5. What Are The Best Online Psychic Reading Sites

Ans. Some of the best and most trustworthy online psychic reading sites have been mentioned ‌earlier in the article. These sites have remarkable reputations because of the accurate and reliable services they have provided customers. They have extremely competent and skilled psychics who can effectively guide individuals on various topics with different readings. These sites also offer effective customer care policies that make the experience worth investing in, as it guarantees customer satisfaction in most cases.

Q6. What Are The Different Types Of Psychic Readings?

Ans. Psychic readings exist in many types. They can range from love, career, and pet readings to tarot card readings, horoscope interpretation, astrological insight, and so on. Online sites categorize these readings to make it easier for customers to filter out psychics based on their area of expertise and choose the ones that can most efficiently provide readings on their required topics.

Q7. What Is The Best Mode of Communication For Online Psychic Readings?

Ans. Online sites offer various mediums of communicating with readers, which include messages, phone calls, emails, and video chats. There is no particular medium that is superior to others. It solely relies on your preference and comfort level. Some people like to sustain their privacy and prefer written communication through texts and email.

On the other hand, others find it more viable to have a face-to-face and more personalized conversation. Therefore, they can opt for phone calls or video chats. The accuracy or reliability of readings does not depend on the mode of communication; therefore, customers are at full liberty to choose the best mode.

Q8. What Makes Online Psychic Readings Better Than In-Person Readings?

Ans. Online readings evidently offer more convenience as compared to in-person readings. You can access online readings by pressing a few buttons, whereas, in-person readings require you to go to the psychics yourself, which can be a time-taking process. Online readings also offer a larger variety of options as they have different psychics available on sites that customers can choose from based on their preferences. In-person fortune telling restricts you to one particular psychic that might be able to offer only limited types of readings. Online psychic reading sites also give detailed profiles of the psychics, which can help you assess how credible and experienced they are and whether they will be worth your time and investment. Online psychic reading offers many such facilitative features and benefits that can make your experience more valuable.

Conclusion: Get Guided To The Path Of Future With The Best Online Psychic Reading Sites

To summarize, online psychic reading is a concept that has gained popularity and has been explored by thousands of people over the years. Online Psychic Reading can offer guidance on different subjects related to your life; therefore, you can consult them when faced with a dilemma or just for general clarity.

However, not all online psychic reading sites should be trusted as there are risks associated because of the presence of potential scammers and illegitimate platforms. Therefore, we have made selecting an authentic and credible site much easier for you by short listing some of the best online psychic reading sites currently available in the market that ensure substantial accuracy and offer various facilitative features that can make them worth your investment.


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