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Romance novels are abundant on the Webnovel platform since this subgenre is among the most read on the site. Romance is evergreen, and there are many different kinds of romantic stories to read in online romance books.

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These works span the genres and time periods from the present to the distant past and from the military to the college campus. In order to save you the hassle of searching for good romance novels, this article has assembled a list of the best in the genre. Listed here are all of the top romance web novels available on Webnovel. Only translated online novels are included on the list.


6/6 Our Glamourous Time

Previously, Lin Qian had seen her ideal partner as handsome and strong, able to make it cloudy and then pour money with the flick of his wrist. If he put his mind to it, he could do anything. But when she found the proper person, she appreciated his reserved confidence, dogged determination, and steadfast devotion. She felt strongly enough about him that she was prepared to remain at his side in the face of danger and hostility that is so common in the business world. Forget about the consequences and live dangerously at this moment.

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In this Korean tale, the female protagonist seeks revenge using her foreknowledge and the ability to turn back time. To go where she wants to go, she thinks ahead and isn’t afraid to be brutal. The novel’s protagonist exemplifies virtue, charisma, and brains. As they work together toward their aims, the two protagonists slowly but surely develop romantic feelings for one another. The story’s ending is likewise somewhat anticlimactic.

5/6 Full Marks Hidden Marriage

After being away for five years, Ning Xi has returned to get even with her sister for turning their parents against her and her childhood boyfriend for betraying her. From a young age, acting was always her passion, and she hopes to realize her childhood dream of being a famous actor. However, she still has to be on the lookout for her sister’s malicious plots, as she is determined to get even with her. She falls for one of her sisters’ scams and ends up meeting a cute youngster, who she ends up saving. Thus, Ning Xi found herself spending time at the home of the autistic youngster in hopes of bringing him out of his shell. His father, Lu Tingxiao, begins to feel something for her over time.

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This Chinese book is a best-seller on Webnovel and with good reason. Despite being rife with tired tropes and clichés, this book is nonetheless enjoyable. The novel’s protagonist is frigid, and the family members hate them for no apparent reason. The beginning is melancholy, but the tale quickly picks up speed and is full of funny, charming, and heartwarming scenes after we get beyond that. As a whole, this book is a fun, breezy read.

4/6 The Beautiful Wife Of Whirlwind Mage


Gu Jingze is the most eligible bachelor in all of China since he is rich, influential, and gorgeous. Everyone aspires to be like him, and everyone wishes they could be with him. He wakes up to find that he has been coerced into marrying a total stranger, a vivacious and outspoken lady named Lin Che. A normal girl, Lin Che wants nothing more than to make it as an actor. She also has a new profession to focus on while navigating the treacherous waters of high society, full of envious ladies and cunning plans. Here we have two complete strangers sharing a house together: They make a pact early on to avoid each other, but he always seems to show up when she’s in a jam.

There are many hilarious and heartwarming scenes in this Chinese romance story. Meanwhile, it falls back on tired tropes and cliches. The standard fare of a weak but brilliant female protagonist and a chilly but enormously wealthy male protagonist is there. The novel’s two points of contact are both humorous, and it manages to set itself apart from the norm. However, this is only valid for a limited number of chapters. If you want to read a fluffy, easy book, this is the one for you.

3/6 Secret Wardrobe Of The Duchess


After being killed as an old woman during battle, Rubica was reincarnated 22 years later. She was sure she was dreaming, but the dreadful memory of the battle stayed with her, motivating her to make the most of her second chance at happiness, seek out her former lover from the first life, and be ready for the next one. But a duke proposed to her out of the blue. The sole brilliant duke in the realm has just invented a weapon that will bring his nation to war. Rubica just wanted to live a peaceful life, but she ended up learning a lot about the duke and the war.

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The climax of this Korean online book is slow to come. Excellent work was put into developing the main characters, both male and female. The female protagonist character displays maturity, empathy, and strength. The male and female protagonists have adorable and humorous chemistry. Some misconceptions are difficult to clear up immediately. The story’s romance develops at the end. In sum, this love story set in the Slice of Life genre is one of the Webnovels’ best-kept secrets.

2/6 Rebirth Of The Heavenly Empress

Rebirth Of The Heavenly Empress (1)

She’s known as the mythical queen of mercenaries since she excels at practically anything she tries her hand at. It comes as a shock when she reincarnates as a ditzy dolt that everyone in the community despises. Even after being reborn as a nobody, she manages to make a name for herself, becoming the Missy no one dares to mess with.

Another popular novel with just enough awkwardness to be enjoyable. The female character is level-headed, savvy, and fearless. There are several slaps to the face throughout the book since she is reincarnated as a useless person. The male protagonist is as icy and mysterious as in any previous tale.

1/6 Beauty And The Beasts

Beauty And The Beasts

During her dive, she has swept away to an old, untamed Beast World, where a gorgeous wolf comes to her rescue. She longs to spend her days with the lovely wolf, stocking salt, farming land, gazing at attractive men, and growing old together, but he constantly pounces on her.

This Chinese book is a best-seller on Webnovel. The creation of the world is adequate. The idea of the beastkin tribe, along with its distinctive rituals and practices, is fascinating. The protagonist is a sluggish thinker and a slouch. But as the plot develops, so does her character. The male protagonists each have their own unique traits and characteristics. A reversible harem exists in the narrative.

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