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Bethenny Frankel is taking her shot at kitchen hacks.

On Monday night, the reality television star shared an Instagram video in which she demonstrated one of her go-to snack tricks to make quick and easy frozen yogurt.

The Real Housewives of New York City alum started the video saying, “I don’t think you can handle this snack hack.” 

In the clip, Frankel held a container of dairy-free yogurt in her hands, explaining that she “put [it] in the freezer overnight because I was like, ‘I want frozen yogurt.’” 

After letting the yogurt chill, she microwaved the yogurt container for 20 seconds because it was “rock hard frozen.” She also added a handful of chocolate chips to the top of the frozen creation. 

Frankel scraped away at the top layer of frozen yogurt to get a few creamy chunks onto her spoon, before she took a bite.

“Why is this not a thing?” she asked, adding, “I mean it is now.”

At the end of the video, Frankel reiterated her original statement to fans. “I don’t think you can handle it,” she quipped.

Bethenny Frankel Shares a Snack Hack for Frozen Yogurt.

Bethenny Frankel/Instagram

Followers flooded her comments section, telling her that they also love the staple snack hack. “We’ve been doing this in my house for 20yrs!” one user added, while others shared suggestions for their own renditions. 

“Mix in peanut butter before freezing. Only needs to freeze for 30 min,” one commenter wrote. Another added, “I mix cocoa powder , a few chocolate and a little honey into yogurt [then] spread thin onto parchment and freeze it. Then you have a little fro-yo bar!”

In July, Frankel opened up to PEOPLE about living well and aging.

“I think you’re going to age, and it’s going to happen,” Frankel said. “People can talk about whatever they want. They don’t owe anybody anything.”

The Skinnygirl founder even signs off on some cosmetic procedures, having herself publicly admitted to receiving Botox and fillers: “Do some work if you want, and get some Botox if you want, and do the best you can.”

Bethenny Frankel shares her staple snack hack.

Raymond Hall/GC Images

When it comes to her personal physique and beauty, the former Bethenny host says she’s looking to avoid becoming like a character from Death Becomes Her. She’s trying to stay beautiful at her age, not turn back the clock. 

“I only care if my face looks clean, and if I feel healthy, and if I feel like I’ve slept, and set myself up for success,” Frankel reflected. “I’m not going to be perfect.”


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