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As things in the world get worse, such as inflation, along with a lack of basic goods and services, there has been a corresponding increase in overall malware and scammers. It is sadly the nature of some to take advantage of those who are more vulnerable and less informed about this subject. Adding to the issue is the massive amount of data sharing that is passed or sold to bad actors. Governments seem to be heavily involved in this. I recently had to fill out some material and within a day I received a scam call relating to that activity. I have no way of knowing if there was some kind of active hack or if someone regularly sold the data, but it happens very fast these days. Sign up for just about anything now and you will probably receive an email or phone call relating to that, not from those you signed up with, but from people pretending to be.

– As a general rule of thumb if someone is calling you for information, look up the number at a scam tracking site (there are many). If it is an email, check the sender. If you are getting an email from Bangkok Bank and the web address is something other than, then it is probably a scam so check with the bank first. If there are attachments you did not order or were not expecting, then don’t open them. Just because you run your virus checker on the content of an email does not mean it is safe. I, for example, use BitDefender and think it is excellent, but I still carefully check any email I was not expecting and give it a quick safety check before opening. For those interested, I also run Malwarebytes.

– So I decided to sign up for Truth Social and received the following message: “At the moment, Truth Social is available for US users only,” which came right after the sentence: “Truth Social is America’s ‘Big Tent’ social media platform that encourages an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology.” It would appear that after all the hype, the tent is not that big after all. It really rubs it in when someone you normally follow has moved to the platform and you can’t follow them there. I currently rate this as an epic fail for anyone outside the US. I have also had issues lately where those I used to follow for free have moved onto a pay only platform. Add enough of these up and you can’t afford to eat regularly anymore.

– Windows 11 is ready for general deployment. I follow a general rule that unless I need to, I won’t upgrade my personal operating system until the first major patch or two has come out. This is a little harder these days with smaller releases, so convert that to a year or so after release. For a company, unless you have an excellent IT department that is on top of their testing, add more time to that and make sure the early adopters haven’t had too many reported problems. Note the language there is “reported problems” as some companies will not admit they have issues. Another general rule of thumb is the older your company software is, the more wary you should be of any upgrades unless all your key systems have been thoroughly tested first.

– It was 24 years ago that Windows 98 came out and a memorable system crash occurred during the release presentation. It was also with that release that Internet Explorer 4 came integrated with the operating system, slowing everything down. Good times.

– I’m not sure how it is elsewhere, but I’m noticing a number of internet and mobile phone disruptions lately. It could be the reported solar activity that has been greater than usual in recent weeks as mass ejections have been pointing closer to Earth. It could also be that as demand grows, the amount of available bandwidth per person drops and providers can’t keep up with network expansion due to supply chain issues. It could also be that with people sick with Covid, there is not enough staff available at the moment to perform necessary maintenance. Since I’m currently working from home, it does highlight just how much some now rely on a good, stable internet connection. There are those of course who have never connected to the internet either through choice or more often because they don’t have service where they live. Some days I wonder who has it the best.

– Acer just released its new Travelmate P4 line. It is the first with new Microsoft Pluton tech, a security layer, added into some models. Lenovo’s AMD Ryzen machines include the tech but it is turned off. Dell for one is not buying into Pluton and others have expressed concerns that Windows update technology gives too much control to Microsoft over the whole “chip to cloud’ and security stacks.

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