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Another day, another scam to be wary of as you navigate the halls of the internet.

This morning we received an email from Luno in which it warns its customers about a phishing scam being sent via SMS.

The scam appears to be trying to get folks to click a link to activate an “SSL SERVER” on your account and wallet which is bizarre.

We say this is bizarre because SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a safeguard that protects your data while it’s being sent to a server. It’s not something you the user can activate.

An example of the scam SMS doing the rounds can be seen below.

Example of the scam using Luno’s name.

If you receive this SMS and click the shortened URL to go to the website you will be met with a fake Luno login page. Once a scammer has that information, if you don’t happen to have multi-factor authentication enabled, it’s open season on your crypto account.

For those who do have multi-factor authentication enabled, the scammer might simply call you to try and trick you into giving up your access. That is assuming the scammer has your phone number as well as your email which is likely given the breadth of data breaches that have happened over the years.

Luno provided the following advice to customers as regards what it will never do:

  • Send you a shortened link such as https://bit.ly
  • Ask you in an SMS to secure, update, upgrade, re-verify or validate your account
  • Ask you to share your password, OTP or 2FA code with anyone
  • Ask you to share your authorisation links with anyone
  • Ask you to authorise actions you didn’t initiate
  • Ask you to link or trust a device that isn’t yours

Be cautious folks, cybercriminals are getting more and more creative when it comes to separating you from your money and possessions.

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