Beware! Russian malware behind the Clinton leaks is now targeting Macs to steal passwords and iPhone backups

Apple has long prided itself on being less vulnerable to viruses and other malware – but this could be about to change.
Security firm Bitdefender Labs has found evidence of malware designed for Macs created by the same group thought to be behind the Hillary Clinton email leaks.
The malware is by APT28, a hacking group with alleged links to the Russian intelligence services.

APT28 has been known under various names, including Fancy Bear and Pawn Storm, and is believed to have been active for at least a decade.
Previously, APT28 has infiltrated the Windows, iOS, Android and Linux operating systems, but now it seems that Apple devices operating Mac OS can also be infected.
The X-Agent malware contains modules that can probe the infected device’s system to steal passwords and take screenshots,
But the most important module, from an intelligence-gathering perspective, allows the operator to retrieve iPhone backups stored on a compromised Mac, according to a report from computer security firm Bitdefender.
Mail Online has contacted Apple for a comment.
It’s not clear exactly how the malware is being spread, but a trojan horse downloader called Komplex may be responsible for the infiltration into the Mac Operating System.
Trojan horses hide themselves within ‘friendly’ software that may appear safe to the user, but hides within it code to execute malicious software that will open a ‘backdoor’ to the system which can be further exploited.


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