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Big Ed is dating a new girl Liz on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, and fans want to know more about her age, job and Instagram following. The San Diego native is now featured on 90 Day: The Single Life, where he is documenting his journey to find true love. Ed has signed up on multiple dating websites to find his soulmate. He is also working out to lose extra weight. Since Ed doesn’t want to repeat the dating mistakes he made with Rose; he also got in touch with a dating expert, who gave him a valuable lesson on self-love. Ed is ready to fall in love, and he admitted he has feelings for a 28-year-old single mom, Liz, who works in his favorite restaurant.

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He gathered the courage to ask her on a date, and luckily, she said yes. The mental health advocate Ed was nervous about his first date. It was the first time he was going out with a girl after Rose Vega. He wanted to look handsome for Liz and asked his mother to tie his hair in a Samurai braid. He was terrified of getting heartbroken or being friend-zoned. At first, Liz thought Ed was a woman, but she quickly warmed up to him. By the end of the date, she described Ed as confident, charismatic, and straightforward. The couple has the potential to become official. Perhaps that’s why many 90 Day Fiancé fans are eager to learn more about Ed’s new partner.

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She works as a manager in San Diego’s local restaurant called Encontro North Park. During the pandemic, she also started serving customers, and that’s how she met Ed. At the time, he was coming to the restaurant quite frequently. While talking to the host of The Celeb Talk Guy, Liz revealed that he was working a 10-hour shift, and 60 hours a week. She stays quite busy while managing the restaurant and taking care of her daughter. She revealed that she had been married twice and divorced and doesn’t talk about her second marriage. After two failed marriages, Liz doesn’t want to get hurt again. She struggles with trust issues and has asked Ed to take things slow. After the successful first date, the couple went on a goat yoga date. Liz posted a bunch of funny pictures on her Instagram with Ed. She captioned the post as, “No lie, this was the best anomalous date I have ever been on! Always making me live a little and loosen up.” Fans can find Liz on Instagram with the name, “Elizabeth Marie.” She is a proud Gemini, and her Instagram bio says, “My ?? is taken!

Liz-90 Day- The Single Life-Big Ed

It looks like Ed was able to steal her heart even though he made so many embarrassing blunders. After leaving a great impression on Liz on the first few dates, Ed couldn’t pace himself and tried to kiss Liz without her consent. She turned her face away; he ended up kissing her forehead. Still, Liz gave Ed another chance and agreed to be his date to a wedding. The couple is now traveling out of town to attend the wedding. Ed has booked one king-size bed, even though Liz agreed to a double queen room. Strangely, Ed and Liz don’t follow each other on Instagram or like each other’s posts. Liz doesn’t appear to be heavily active on social media. She joined Instagram in August 2019 and couldn’t be found on Facebook or LinkedIn.

She has posted 37 posts on her IG account, and most of the pictures are of her beautiful 7-year-old daughter, Ryleigh Leanne. Judging by Liz’s IG grid, it also seems like she loves to travel around with her “mini me.” She has been to Cedar Creek Falls Trail, The Alamo Museum in Texas, Colorado’s Sloan’s Lake, Seattle’s popular tourist attraction, The Gum Wall, and Oklahoma City. Many brands are already quite interested in collaborating with Liz. It looks like 90 Day: The Single Life helped Liz get noticed by many various businesses. Still, she has been keeping her IG private and hardly replies to comments. Usually, people apply to be on 90 Day Fiance because they want to be followed and known. Liz is likely content with her managerial position at the restaurant, which probably helps her earn $59,813 a year on average.

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Source: Elizabeth Marie, The Celeb Talk Guy

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