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Big Rapids Middle School students honor 9/11 victims | #schoolsaftey

BIG RAPIDS — During a rainy day Monday, Sept. 11, students from Big Rapids Middle School gathered at the Big Rapids Department Of Public Safety to honor the lives of those lost during the 9/11 attacks.

Rain sprinkled as classmates watched while two students raised the flag and the Big Rapids Honor Guard, along with eighth grade teacher and veteran Mark Brejcha, honored those lost with a rifle salute.

Brejcha spent time inside the Department of Public Safety building, 435 N. Michigan Ave., with the students prior to the rifle ceremony discussing the relevance of the attacks today and addressing why honoring the tragic moment in history is important.

He also took time to allow each of the Honor Guard members to introduce themselves and tell about their service and the impact on them when the 9/11 attacks occurred.

“It was their view of the world versus ours,” Brejcha said, referring to the attackers. “They wanted us to pay for who we were, and it is a true tragedy what happened on that day.”

Following the memorial ceremony, students were offered the opportunity to throw blank shotgun shells into the concrete holding the World Trade Center rebar monument as a memorial and take one home as a token of the day.

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