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University student Suleman Dawood, his father Shahzada, the sub’s pilot and chief executive Stockton Rush, British businessman and explorer Hamish Harding and French Navy veteran Paul-Henri Nargeolet all tragically died in the incident

Father and son duo, Suleman and Shahzada Dawood, who were both on board OceanGate’s Titan sub(DAWOOD HERCULES CORPORATION/AFP)

The 19-year-old student who tragically died on the missing Titanic sub, along with four other men, only agreed to go on the trip with his dad for Father’s Day to please him, a family member has revealed.

Suleman Dawood died alongside his father Shahzada, the sub’s pilot and OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush, French naval veteran and ‘Mr Titanic’ Paul-Henri Nargeolet and British billionaire Hamish Harding.

After setting off Sunday, the submersible lost communications with its mother ship after one hour 45 minutes.

This led to a massive manhunt as authorities combed through the ocean off the coast of Newfoundland, around the Titanic wreckage.

However, yesterday the search ended in tragedy as both the company behind the Titan sub, and the US Coast Guard, confirmed that all five men had died.

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Businessman Shahzada Dawood, the vice-chairman of Karachi-headquartered conglomerate Engro(DAWOOD HERCULES CORPORATION/AFP)
Suleman Dawood was the youngest passenger on the vessel(AP)

The US Coast Guard said all passengers are presumed dead and offered its “deepest condolences” to the families after the tail cone of the submersible was found around 1,600ft from the bow of the Titanic wreckage.

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