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BILLIONS of Gmail and Outlook users are being warned of several warning signs that may mean your email account has been hacked. 

The warning was issued by cybersecurity company Trend Micro, which specifically warned of one erratic red flag people should look out for. 

There are several warning signs indicating cyber criminals may have already hacked your email

There are several ways cyber criminals can hack your email account, gain access to your personal information, or download malicious malware to your device. 

If you are not aware of the signs, the criminal activity can go completely unnoticed, putting you and others at risk of further harm. 

Whether you check your email account often or not, it is important to look out for suspicious behavior. 

Trend Micro has released a list of things to look out for that could indicate your account has been compromised: 

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  • Friends and family say they are getting spam messages from your account
  • Your computer and browser’s performance has slowed down 
  • Your computer has started acting erratic
  • Your saved or commonly used passwords no longer word 
  • Your IP address has changed
  • You have received an unrequested password change/recovery email 
  • Money is missing from an online account 
  • There are unusual changes in your network’s traffic activity 
  • You have received a ransomware messages 
  • You have received a falsified antivirus alert 
  • You have spotted unwanted toolbars in your browser

If you notice any of the behaviors and actions listed above, it is important to take various security measures, such as changing all your passwords, updating your security settings, and warn any contacts to not open or click on suspicious messages sent from your account. 

Consider downloading additional security software to further protect your accounts and personal information. 

It is important to remember the different ways hackers can gain access to your email account and personal information. 

Trend Micro revealed that this can happen from being a victim of a phishing attack, having data leaked in a breach, or a lack of cybersecurity protection. 

Cyber criminals can also gain access if you forget to log out of your account on a personal computer or if you use unprotected Wi-Fi.


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