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Billy Adams: Home Secretary overturns decision to release NI’s most prolific sex offender to open prison | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

Billy Adams, a serial predator who has abused children in three different jurisdictions, had been approved for a move to an open jail where inmates are free to leave during the day.

Adams was due to move to HMP North Sea Camp, which would put him in range of children in the seaside town of Skegness, just 20 miles away.

The unrepentant child sex offender had tried to appeal the parole board’s ruling, arguing that he should be released back into the community without restriction.

However, a number of his victims lobbied politicians about the move and, following a review, have been informed that Ms Braverman has not only reversed the parole board’s decision, but also refused Adams’ application for appeal.

Adams is from Co Down originally but had been living in Ballymena for many years before moving to England.

The pervert will now remain behind bars of the Category B Nottingham Prison, where he is serving the remainder of his sentence for abusing a Liverpool schoolgirl.

Last year Adams was brought back to Northern Ireland to stand trial for abusing a teenage boy between 1982 and 1983, for which he was given an additional sentence.

Following his conviction he was transferred back to HMP Nottingham, where he is completing a minimum 15-year jail term for the abuse of Jade Critchlow, who bravely waived her right to anonymity in the Belfast Telegraph in May 2021.

Jade was just 11 when she was first introduced to Adams.

Adams had signed the sex offenders register in Liverpool in January 2005 and yet first raped Jade in May 2005, just three days after she was introduced to him in Liverpool.

Adams was flash with cash, telling anyone he met he had won the lottery.

He spent thousands of pounds grooming Jade, taking her to Blackpool, where the majority of abuse took place.

The truth was much more sinister: he was in fact grooming and sexually abusing her with the help of a Co Fermanagh priest.

Father Jeremiah McGrath was also jailed for five years for helping the paedophile groom his young victim, providing him with money to book hotel rooms.

A former parish priest in Roslea, he served half his five-year jail term before being released on licence to a halfway house in Liverpool.

During his trial McGrath admitted having a homosexual relationship with Adams but denied knowing that he was repeatedly raping and sexually abusing Jade, claiming he was so besotted with Adams he was blind to what was happening.

Jade recalled an incident where Adams molested her in the back of a car while the disgraced priest was driving.

She was abused for six months and her ordeal only stopped after police burst into an apartment in Blackpool, where she was staying with Adams.

At the time, the predator already had a conviction for raping his niece when she was just eight.

Michelle Erwin bravely waived her anonymity to warn people about her depraved uncle Billy Adams.

He raped Michelle in Dublin, where he was living at the time.

The first trial ended in a hung jury, but Adams was found guilty at his second trial and sentenced to 12 years in the Republic.

However, he managed to secure a transfer to HMP Maghaberry, where he could take advantage of the 50% remission rule, which meant he was released in 2004.

Michelle’s grandfather was Ireland’s worst paedophile, John Adams, who received the first full life sentence in the history of the state for abusing young girls in Co Louth in the 1990s.

Gardai discovered four albums of photographs hidden in the pensioner’s house, which included his three victims, aged between six and 10, either photographed by John Adams or photographed by each other at his direction, in acts of sexual violence.

He died in prison in 2019 having shown no remorse for his crimes.

With multiple convictions in Northern Ireland, the Republic and England, Adams is considered one of the most dangerous sex offenders in the UK.

He was transferred to HMP Maghaberry in 2019 to stand trial for the abuse of ‘Jim’.

He was found guilty of two offences and sentenced to three years for abusing the then 14-year-old while the two were residents of a Co Down care home.

‘Jim’, who had a difficult childhood, spent time in the open prison many years ago and said, as a result, he is well aware of the “relaxed regime”.

He, along with Michelle Erwin, immediately began lobbying politicians about the release of Adams.

The two have formed a bond over the abuse and help support each other in raising awareness about the dangers posed by Adams.

‘Jim’, on hearing the news that the decision to release his abuser had been reversed by Ms Braverman, said he felt “relieved”.

“He’ll now stay in a secure prison for a very long time,” he said.

“It is the right decision and I hope that they’ve finally seen sense about what a dangerous man he is.”

When a decision was made to move Adams to an open prison, a spokesperson for the Parole Board for England and Wales said at the time: “The Parole Board refused the release of William Adams but recommended a move to an open-conditions prison following an oral hearing in April 2023.

“This was a recommendation only and the Secretary of State for Justice considers the advice before making the final decision on whether a prisoner is suitable for open conditions.”

‘Jim’ praised Ms Braverman for overturning the decision, saying it was the right move and will have saved other potential victims from the clutches of the predator.

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