Black Book Honors Top Cybersecurity Firms at InfoSecWorld Conference and Expo

ORLANDO, Fla., April 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Black Book™ surveyed 11,676 information technology leaders, Chief Information Security Officers, and senior operations executives to determine the top performing vendors of in-demand cybersecurity software, systems and services, and to assess the gaps and urgency of data security administrators in twenty-four major industry groups. The highest ranked vendors in customer satisfaction and client experience are announced in sixteen vital cybersecurity solution functionalities and systems via crowdsourced surveys are announced today at InfoSecWorld Conference and Expo.

Additionally, 4,150 operations, human resources and financial executives, managers and staffers contributed their perceptions on Cybersecurity Software and Services Solutions to Black Book™ between Q3 and Q4 2016. IT managers of 5,206 small to mid cap companies and 407 Fortune 2000 firms comprised the collective survey set that submitted ballots and evaluated each service and product line separately. Nearly 6,000 businesses, for-profit and not-for-profit, public and private, across the US and Canada participated in the sweeping cybersecurity satisfaction polls.

“Most CISOs and CIOs have no choice but to leverage next generation cybersecurity system tools and solutions in order to keep their organizations’ data safe but also to stay solvent,” said Scott Wilson, Managing Partner of the Black Book of Cybersecurity, based in Tampa, Florida.

The privacy and security challenges ahead to protect start-up companies and particular are requiring several new applications just reaching the marketplace.

“The frank reality is that outdated, understaffed and failing current cybersecurity solutions purchased just a year ago could quickly close a marginally performing company for good should they fail to protect the business,” said Wilson.

16% of survey participants report a significant or major financial hit to their company as the result of data breaches in Q2-Q4 2016. Nearly a sixth of small cap businesses with outdated security solutions acquired prior to 2015 reported a impacting run up of unexpected costs and liabilities after a 2016 data breach, which continues to threaten their corporate survival in 2017.

Still, 81% of chief information officers with negative 2016 operating margins report slow or no progress towards orchestrating a proactive cybersecurity technology infrastructure to support their long term protection efforts.

“Given the complexities of each individual company, implementing the right cybersecurity software and solutions in delicate sequence is crucial as to not create an even more adverse situation through the transition,” said Wilson. “Vulnerable or stolen data, particularly in the healthcare, insurance, banking, legal and financial sectors have most small and mid cap firms across the country struggling to avoid a financial stability crisis caused by potential data breaches.”

In contrast, 91% of CIOs and CISOs in companies performing at margins supporting long term viability (marked at over 5%) report successful cybersecurity programs and transformations initiated, with 2017 capital expenditures planned for upgraded tools such as cybersecurity analytics, network security, open source solutions, threat intelligence and cloud security.

Black Book™ announces the top performing cybersecurity software and services vendors as ranked by customer satisfaction on eighteen client experience based key performance indicators in sixteen categories of tools and solutions.


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