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The BlackBasta ransomware group has claimed two new victims, Southern Water and Asahi Glass Co., adding them to their dark web portal. The cybercriminals, however, have not disclosed details about the extent of the attack, compromised data, or the motive behind the intrusion.

What adds to the urgency is the ransomware group’s ominous deadline for data exposure. Southern Water faces a countdown of 6 days, 18 hours, 43 minutes, and 50 seconds, while Asahi Glass Co. has a ticking clock set for 7 days, 20 hours, 39 minutes, and 54 seconds. This ominous timeframe raises serious concerns about potential data breaches and the urgency for a response.

BlackBasta ransomware
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Upon checking the official websites of the targeted companies, they were found to be fully functional, casting doubt on the authenticity of the ransomware group’s claims.

BlackBasta ransomware
Source: Twitter

To verify this, The Cyber Express team reached out to Southern Water and Asahi Glass Co. for official statements. As of writing this report, no official response has been received, leaving the claim unverified and raising serious concerns.

Recurrence of BlackBasta Ransomware Attack

This recent incident follows BlackBasta’s pattern of targeting major entities. In January 2024, the ransomware group expanded its dark web portfolio, adding three more victims to its list of cyberattacks—Graebener Bipolar Plate Technologies in Germany, NALS Apartment Homes, and Leonard’s Express in the United States.

Notably, BlackBasta garnered attention in May 2023 when it targeted Viking Coca-Cola, one of the largest Coca-Cola bottling partners in the United States. The ransomware attack led to the illicit acquisition of sensitive information, including passports, confidential details, credit card information, and employee records.

In March of the same year, Tri Counties Bank, based in Chico, California, found itself on the list of victims. The BlackBasta ransomware group exposed personal information, including U.S. passports and driver’s licenses, belonging to the bank’s customers.

As The Cyber Express closely monitors this unfolding story, we are committed to providing regular updates on any developments related to the companies targeted by the BlackBasta ransomware group. Stay tuned for the latest information on this evolving cyber threat.

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