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As Blueface continues to party well into his mid-20s, his wild lifestyle is getting more and more attention from law enforcement. According to TMZ, the Los Angeles Police Department has been called to the “Thotiana” rapper’s home nine times since May for myriad reasons. Noise complaints are at the top of the list, but the Department of Child and Family Services are also on alert. Blueface has shared multiple video of his young son in the presence of strippers, prompting a probe into the child’s safety.

In July, Blueface posted a video in which he questioned his son’s sexuality while women were taking their clothes off in a room nearby. The Department of Child and Family Services evidently discovered the video and quickly got to work. Numerous attempts to contact Blueface have failed despite deputies calling and showing up to his home.

Blueface questioned his son’s sexuality a second time—even though the child admits he doesn’t understand what “gay” even means. In a clip of the conversation, Blueface asks the little boy, “Are you gay?” The young boy says no and Blueface pumped his fist in relief before announcing to his viewers, “Hey guys, he’s not gay! We got hope.” He continues, “You know what gay is?” to which his son admits, “No, I really don’t. What else you got?”

Blueface continues, “Well, if you ever decide to be gay, I would be upset but I would still love you. I’ll still support you, take care of you.”


Blueface just welcomed another child with ex-girlfriend Chrisean Rock, which has stirred up even more drama. Just last week, he accused Rock of lying about why he missed the birth of their child.

“You already admitted to not inviting me I found out my baby was being born on instagram,” he tweeted. “Had you called me an given me information I would have made it you literally named the baby Chrisean jr your selfish decisions aren’t adding up with this cry baby story you literally live talking about my kids to make your situation seem better sad how far you’ll go manipulation.”

Blueface responded to an Instagram Live video in which Rock claimed he had the chance to be in the delivery room. Rock previously said he wasn’t welcome, and Blueface criticized her for trying to change her story.

“Don’t be bitter an make things up to fit your narrative,” he added. “just be at peace with the baby stop going live for a bit put your phone down an just enjoy it for a week atleast dam baby got a instagram with a email my son already taking bookings at 2 days old she did all this for clout.”


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