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Board of Education members vote to heighten MPS sex offender policy | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

The Montgomery County Board of Education voted Tuesday to add on to its policy for sex offenders, policy No. 4.1.3. The addition makes Montgomery’s policy more strict than what is required by the state. 

Previously, restrictions only applied to sex offenders convicted of an offense involving a minor, and now they cover all adult sex offenders, including those convicted in offenses involving other legal adults. 

The requirements of sex offenders intending to step onto an MPS campus remain the same. They must notify the principal before coming to campus or attending a K-12 school event, immediately report to the designated school official upon arriving and cooperate with any school efforts to “discreetly monitor their presence” while on school grounds or in attendance at a school event. 

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