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Three clients of Infosys – Bank of America (BofA), Fidelity and TIAA- were affected by the ramsomware attack on Infosys’ US subsidiary in November-December, 2023, court and other regulatory filings show.

“A vendor for TIAA Life (Infosys McCamish Systems) experienced a cyber security event that resulted in the temporary suspension of our ability to process contract transactions and the shutdown of our online systems,” retirement and investment management firm TIAA said in its regulatory filing.

Similarly, on behalf of BofA, the attorney general of Maine revealed that a total of 57,028 people were directly impacted by the breach. On its part, Fidelity stated that it believes that customers’ information like their name, social security number, state of residence, bank account, and date of birth were likely acquired by the third party. It said that 28,268 individuals were impacted.

Infosys said, last year that it was working with a cyber security company to resolve the issue and had launched an investigation to identify the potential impact on systems and data. Infosys also revealed that it lost about Rs 250 crore due to the cyber security event, that also resulted in the non-availability of certain applications and systems.

HCLTech also said in December that one of its projects was hit by a ransomware attack in an isolated cloud environment and a probe was underway to understand the cause. Similarly, Cognizant’s TMG reported a data breach last year. The attack resulted in personal data of around 1,90,000 individuals being compromised.


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