Bogus Email Sent to La Jolla Podiatrist’s Patients in Hacking

Patients of a La Jolla podiatrist received a bogus email on Dec. 9 when his account was hacked, announced the doctor’s office.

There was no evidence that patient information of Dr. Jay Berenter was maliciously viewed, transferred or accessed, according to the doctor.

The email posed as an alert to patients that Berenter’s office had a “DocuSign” document waiting for them to review, announced the office. Berenter’s office already has sent an email alerting his contacts to not open the email. The doctor’s office secured its email account and hired forensic IT specialists, who determined that none of the doctor’s other systems were affected, Berenter’s office said.

Any information sent to or received from Berenter’s office on was potentially impacted, according to the statement. This could include completed patient registration forms if emailed to them, prescription or lab requests, and the content of voice mail messages.

The office email recipient list, which potentially included contacts’ first and last name, and contacts’ email address may have been exposed, according to the doctor’s statement.


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