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A bomb threat against Caesars Forum, the main venue for this week’s DEF CON hacking convention, led to the halls being cleared on Saturday evening and the building searched by fire crews and police officers. The Register reports: The timing was very bad, coming in the evening of the main party night for the event. The conference Goons, the red-shirted volunteers who serve as guides and organizers, were praised by attendees for managing the evacuation with aplomb, but when it became clear that the search for the suspect device was going to be hard to find, the DEC CON team cancelled the evening’s festivities at Caesars, to the disappointment of thousands.

“Last night we were asked to evacuate the building due to a report of a suspicious package. Local police and fire departments conducted a thorough investigation and ultimately determined that the package was safe,” the organizers said. “They also conducted additional sweeps of the building as a precaution before allowing our team to return and prepare for today’s con. We are working quickly to keep the original schedule on track, but please check here for additional updates before arriving at DEF CON.” The event kicked off on August 10 and wrapped up by August 13.

Presumably the hoax caller thought of themselves as a merry prankster, rather than the selfish idiot who ruined everyone’s night – particularly the timing for those in the Track Four hall who were enjoying 2001: A Space Odyssey and who were forced to miss the crucial last 10 minutes of the movie. While tricks and pranks are something of a tradition, they only get respect if they are clever and intricate, not some fool showing they could use a telephone. It’s not like security at the show wasn’t heavy enough. The event was patrolled regularly by security guards in body armor with handguns, tasers, the occasional police dog, and a host of other equipment that was a bit of an overkill for a bunch of peaceable hackers. Dubbed by some as “Gravy SEALs,” by the end of the show they were visibly warming up, and this hack saw several of them accepting stickers from attendees.


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