Border #Security #Twitter #Celebrities Choose #Migrants over #Security

As a caravan of more than 5,000 migrants makes its way to the United States, President Trump continues to warn that he will preserve American sovereignty and the migrants will be turned away. However, virtue-signaling Twitter celebrities have decided to align themselves with the potential illegal aliens over the rule of law and national security.

Instead of acknowledging that these migrants brazenly intend to violate American sovereignty, the open-borders lobby of the Twitter-sphere portrayed them as aggrieved parties who are legally and morally entitled to enter the United States, just because they’re unhappy with the standard of living in their own countries. Leading the charge was Stephen King, who called the migrants “a bunch of scared and hungry people.” While there may be some truth to that statement, being scared and hungry has never been a basis for entering another country without authorization.

Besides, if King’s assertions were true, why didn’t the caravan stop in Mexico? The Mexican government has extended a standing offer to seek asylum there, but most Caravan members refused. “We want to get to the United States,” said one migrant. “If they stop us now, we’ll just come back a second time.”

So, this isn’t really about “scared, hungry people” seeking refuge. It’s about people who believe that, instead of taking control of their political destiny, they are entitled to enter the United States whether Americans want them or not. Unfortunately, what King and other Twitter personalities don’t seem to understand is that isn’t how things work in a constitutional republic, where the government and the people are one in the same.

The U.S. has an undeniable right to determine which foreign nationals may enter its territory and under what circumstances they may do so. And control of our borders is essential to our survival as a nation. While the vast majority of the migrants are likely just in search of better economic opportunities, such a large caravan could easily contain hidden criminals and terrorists.

Despite the actions of keyboard warriors such as King who ignore these risks, there is hope that not all celebrities have lost their minds. While they may be in the minority, some famous Twitter personalities still understand the importance of secure borders and an orderly immigration process. News and reality TV star Piers Morgan and Dilbert creator Scott Adams are good examples. In fact, Morgan has publicly stated that he believes the caravan will only help facilitate the president’s immigration agenda. “It’s hard to think of a more powerful image to vindicate Trump’s much criticized demand for a new ‘Wall’, isn’t it?”


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