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Boston police arrest suspect for stealing truck with infant inside – Boston News, Weather, Sports | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

**Title: Arrest Made in Boston Truck Theft with Infant Inside**


In a recent development, the Boston Police Department has announced the arrest of Cristofanes “Christopher” Mendes, 33, who was wanted for allegedly stealing a truck in Dorchester while an infant was still inside. The incident, which occurred on July 14 at the intersection of Geneva Avenue and Westville Street, shocked the community. This article will provide an overview of the incident, the subsequent investigation, and the arrest of the suspect.

**The Incident**

Surveillance video captured the moment when the suspect approached a parked pickup truck and drove off with it, despite an infant being inside the vehicle in a car seat. The child’s family was standing next to the truck on a sidewalk when the theft occurred, adding to the distressing nature of the incident. Fortunately, the vehicle was later found abandoned in the area, and the infant was left unharmed on a street curb.

**Investigation and Search for the Suspect**

Following the incident, the Boston Police Department launched an intensive investigation to identify and apprehend the suspect. They released images and descriptions of the suspect to the public, seeking assistance in locating him. The community rallied together, sharing the information on social media platforms and helping to spread awareness.

**Arrest of Cristofanes “Christopher” Mendes**

After two weeks of relentless efforts by law enforcement officials, Mendes was located and arrested without incident in Roxbury. Boston police officers found him in the area of Mass Ave. and Chesterton Street on Monday, July 31. The arrest marked a significant breakthrough in the case, bringing relief to both the victim’s family and the community at large.

**Legal Consequences**

Mendes now faces charges of larceny and recklessly endangering a child. His actions not only violated property laws but also put an innocent child’s life at risk. The Boston Municipal Court will handle his arraignment, where he will face the legal consequences of his alleged crimes. The court process will determine the appropriate punishment for his actions and provide closure to the victim’s family.

**Community Response and Support**

The incident sparked outrage and concern within the community, highlighting the importance of child safety and the need for increased vigilance. Local organizations and community leaders have come forward to offer support to the victim’s family during this difficult time. The incident has also prompted discussions about implementing stricter security measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.


The arrest of Cristofanes “Christopher” Mendes brings a sense of relief and closure to the Boston community following the shocking truck theft incident with an infant inside. The swift action by law enforcement officials, combined with the support of the community, played a crucial role in identifying and apprehending the suspect. As the legal proceedings unfold, it is essential to remember the importance of child safety and work towards creating a safer environment for all. This incident serves as a reminder to remain vigilant and proactive in protecting our loved ones.


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