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Bowie County Sheriff’s Office Warns Don’t Be a Victim of New Scam | #ukscams | #datingscams | #european | #datingscams | #love | #relationships | #scams | #pof | | #dating

With a new year comes a new scam. It seems some people can’t stop scamming others out of their money. The Bowie County Sheriff’s Office is warning citizens in our area about a new phone scam that is going around.

According to a press release, several people have received these calls.



claiming to be “Deputy Moore” from our office. “Deputy Moore” claims to have warrants for these citizens that they need to pay him for over the phone.

BCSO says please be aware that this is a scam. First of all, they have no deputies with the last name of “Moore”.

Second, the number they are calling from is (903) 949-3092 which is not the Bowie County Sheriff’s number. Officials are saying that this is a ‘spoofed’ phone number. Do not call it back.

Text message SMS scam or phishing concept. Man hands using smart phone


If you do get a call like this you can make sure it is legit by calling the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office at the official office numbers for Texarkana 903-798-3149 or for the New Boston area (903) 628-6815. At these numbers, you can verify if the call is fake or not. Please also remember to never ever give someone you don’t know personally your credit card numbers or banking numbers.

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