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The Federal Police of Brazil announced on Friday that they arrested two intelligence agency officials as part of an action called “Operation Last Mile,” which aims investigate the abuse of geolocation systems for mobile devices without judicial authorization by the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin).

According to the statement, the federal police also carried out 25 search and seizure warrants and 2 preventive arrest warrants, which were issued by the Federal Supreme Court. The warrants covered several states in Brazil, including Brazil’s capital, Brasília. Based on the investigation, the geolocation system used by Abin is an intrusive software utilized by important Brazilian telephone infrastructure. If someone utilizes services provided by public resources, the telephone network may be invaded repeatedly.

Article 7 of Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados, the personal data protection law in Brazil, stipulates that the processing of personal data may only be performed in the certain cases, including when authorities obtain consent from the data subject and fulfilling legal or regulatory obligation by the controller. Secrecy of correspondence and communication are fundamental rights that guarantee privacy and freedom under Article 5 Subsection XII of Brazil’s constitution.

The federal police said that those who invade other people’s computer devices and intercept telephone, IT, or telematics communications without authorization will be held liable for their actions.


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