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Infamous cybercrime forum Breach Forums is making a comeback! The dark web resurrection is confirmed with a new Onion domain, while the clearnet site might relaunch sometime in the coming weeks.

Breach Forums, the infamous cybercrime and hacker forum, is set to return to the dark web with a new Onion domain, can confirm. While the exact timeline for the revival of its clearnet domain remains uncertain, administrators are working towards its relaunch any time this week.

ShinyHunters, both a hacker and administrator of Breach Forums, confirmed these developments to According to the hacker, the new Onion domain for Breach Forums stands prepared for a comeback, set to take place sometime in the following week.

“The onion is ready, it’s not public yet, but it will be launched probably this week.” When questioned about the status of the clearnet domain, the hacker simply mentioned that “the clearnet will come back,” offering no specific timeframe.

Notably, Breach Forums V2 fell under FBI seizure on May 15th, 2024, reportedly following the apprehension of two administrators, one known by the alias Baphomet. ShinyHunters disclosed to their suspicion that Baphomet may have surrendered backend credentials to the FBI, leading to the complete seizure of the forum’s Escrow, both dark web and clearnet domains.

However, recent developments have taken an interesting turn, as ShinyHunters announced the retrieval of access to the seized clearnet domain for Breach Forums last week from the FBI, utilizing a method whose specifics remain undisclosed.

Interestingly, neither the FBI nor the DoJ has issued press releases regarding the seizure or any of the related events. While the FBI has acknowledged the seizure and urged victims of data breaches on Breach Forums to step forward and complete a form to facilitate further investigation, official statements from the authorities are still pending.

With ShinyHunters’ announcement of regaining access to the seized clearnet domain, the plot thickens, leaving many questions unanswered about the forum’s future and the role of law enforcement agencies.

Nevertheless, is it obvious that Breach Forums is undergoing a significant transformation. From its seizure by the FBI to the potential revival with a new Onion domain, the story goes on to show the tricky and strange world of cybercrime.

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