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BreachForums revived under ShinyHunters control | #ransomware | #cybercrime

Infamous cybercrime site BreachForums has reportedly been successfully resurrected by one of its administrators ShinyHunters weeks after it was taken down in a law enforcement effort led by the FBI, which also involved the seizure of the Telegram channel of fellow administrator Baphomet, The Register reports.

In an interview with Hackread, ShinyHunters revealed that access to the BreachForums site and a new domain had been obtained just a day following the FBI operation.

No statement regarding ShinyHunters’ claims has been provided by the FBI or the Justice Department but such a revival of BreachForums has not surprised BlueVoyant Global Head of Professional Services Austin Berglas.

“Complete dismantlement of an online, organized criminal group is extremely difficult. Ensuring that all personnel with access are in custody and offline, identifying and seizing critical infrastructure to include the removal of the entire financial, technical, and communication network is necessary to dismantle and severely limit the ability to reconstitute,” said Berglas, who did note that the FBI’s efforts to disrupt the hacking forum were still successful in deterring cybercriminals activities.

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