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Broadwater Elementary School continuing safety precautions in response to armed resident near school | News | #schoolsaftey

BILLINGS, Mont. – After parents reported concern of a resident in Billings carrying around a shotgun in front of his home near Broadwater Elementary School, the school is responding with the goal of keeping students as safe as possible. 

We moved the kids to the back of the building hoping to minimize visibility from the street during recess,” said Erwin Garcia, the Superintendent for School District 2. 

“We feel that if there’s a threat there’s a possibility of somebody getting hurt in the community, we will put measures in place depending on the situation.”

We spoke with the gentleman involved in these concerns, Gabriel, who says his use of the firearm is for self defense for himself, and those he cares about. 

It’s not my intention to frighten or cause people fear,” said Gabriel. 

If it communicates to an assailant or a would-be assailant that I am armed and I will use deadly force in self-defense,  then that’s why I open display. I don’t want to cause fear for anybody.” 

Garcia has not confirmed how long these new safety precautions will continue at Broadwater Elementary School. We will continue following any updates as they become available to us. 

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