Brockton High School teachers sound alarm on school violence – NBC Boston | #schoolsaftey

High school teachers in Brockton, Massachusetts, are sounding the alarm about their own safety and that of students.

At an emergency meeting Wednesday night, Brockton High School teachers testified to the school committee about repeated instances of violence.

One teacher said she suffers from PTSD and anxiety, and has called out twice a week in the last month.

At an emergency safety meeting in Brockton, teachers testified about students’ violence against classmates and educators.

“Sadly, this year has killed me,” she said. “I can’t do it.”

Staff are fearful of students fighting classmates and teachers.

One educator recounted being pushed into a locker and stepped on.

As participants in the meeting discussed the physical and mental health of the school community, tensions ran high, with video showing one person being removed by police.

The Brockton School Committee is considering policy changes to deal with bullying, violence, cellphone use, vaping and teacher absenteeism.

Another meeting is set for next Tuesday.

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