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Brownsville ISD files for exemption under school safety law requiring armed officers at every school | #schoolsaftey

A new state law calls for an armed officer at every campus.

School districts who do not follow House Bill 3 must file an exemption, something Brownsville ISD did Tuesday night.

The district currently has armed officers at all of their campuses, but district officials said they need a safety net that makes sure they are complying with the law.

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“Just in case we may be short on officers, or they may be a lack of funding, we will be in compliance with the law temporarily,” Brownsville ISD Superintendent Rene Gutierrez said, adding the district currently has armed officers to cover every campus.

The district’s police department has 70 officers, but they’re looking to hire at least seven more. 

“We never know moving forward if something happens,” Gutierrez said. “There may be an outbreak of covid… and we may temporarily have some officers out.”

The exemption can be claimed by school boards if they have a lack of funding or qualified personnel.

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