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Bryan Daugherty first stumbled upon Dr. Craig Wright’s teachings on Bitcoin in 2016, and he was instantly hooked. Since then, he has become a thought leader in the industry and consults on blockchain technology for major companies and governments. CoinGeek Backstage caught up with him at the GITEX Global 2023 in Dubai to talk about cybersecurity, Certihash, BSV blockchain, and more.

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As the chairman of SmartLedger and an industry expert, Daugherty travels around the world to educate and inform about blockchain. He revealed that most high-level officials in the public and private sectors can barely tell the difference between ‘crypto’ and blockchain.

Daugherty found that the best way to explain the difference is to “demonstrate the utility
of the technology,” which allows people to understand the value proposition of the technology.

At SmartLedger, Daugherty’s focus has been the application of the massively scaling BSV blockchain in cybersecurity. The company’s Certihash suite of real-time enterprise cybersecurity monitoring tools cuts down the detection time from over a month to seconds, potentially saving millions of dollars in damage for clients.

The latest product, Certihash Sentinel Node, is the product of a partnership between SmartLedger and IBM (NASDAQ: IBM). Daugherty described it as an “undetectable tripwire” that will almost certainly detect any anomaly on a network and alert the administrators.

“With blockchain, you can decentralize a company’s records, and it becomes economically inconceivable to hack them,” stated Daugherty, who is a subject matter expert on blockchain for the United States Department of Defence.

In his consultation with mainstream entities, his main message is that blockchain is the next evolution of the internet. He also focuses on education and showing utility, and with the average cost of a data breach that goes on for over 30 days topping $9 million in the U.S., it’s an easy sell, he stated.

SmartLedger’s cybersecurity tools could only be built on the BSV blockchain, Daugherty added. He believes that any technology that is cheaper, faster, and can do more than existing solutions is a no-brainer for enterprises.

BSV’s microtransactions are its bedrock, with Daugherty noting that sending $100 around the world isn’t innovative; it’s the ability to send a penny instantly, with data attached, that makes Bitcoin stand out.

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