Bucks County Identifies Gang that has Taken Down CAD System in Ransomware Attack | #ransomware | #cybercrime

Bucks County officials have identified the ransomware gang
behind the attack that has crippled the countywide computer-aided dispatch
(CAD) system.

In a statement, county officials said they have informed
“local, state and federal partners that the ransomware ‘Akira’ is involved so
that they can have situational awareness and review their own systems.”

Akira, according to various news reports from around the
globe, is a cyberattack gang that has hit governments and businesses. The gang
can charge millions to release captured data.

The county said in a weekend statement that it “continues
to investigate the cybersecurity incident.”

Sources have said federal law enforcement has been
investigating the attack. The FBI and Bucks County District Attorney’s Office
declined to comment.

“The county continues to work closely with third-party
experts to conduct a thorough investigation,” Bucks County officials said in a

Officials have not commented on how much the ransom request
was, whether the county is talking with the attackers, if the county has
considered paying the ransom, or what will happen to the captured information,
which includes sensitive data handled by emergency crews.

While the 9-1-1 system remains operational, the CAD system
used by local law enforcement, firefighters, and ambulance squads continued to
be out of service as of Saturday afternoon.

The cyberattack kicked off with the outage that started last

The outage has led to responders across Bucks County going
back to pen and paper and other inconveniences. Call-takers and dispatchers
have been using pen and paper and spreadsheets to handle calls.

There have been some frustrations and slowdowns in responses
with the CAD system being down, police and fire officials have said.

The Pennsylvania National Guard has been among the state and
federal agencies assisting the county.

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