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Some couples choose to book a relaxed beach gateways while others like signing up for action-packed adventure trips together. Couple trips are a way to reconnect with your partner again, and they are commonly termed as a save-cation. But can save-cations guarantee a quick-fix solution to marital problems?

Psychologists say that save-cations can very much save a marriage. A lot of couples experience major compatibility issues which require a lot of effort from both sides to resolve the differences. A save-cation plays a role in letting the couple take advantage of that time. It shouldn’t be perceived as a magic trick that can save marriages because a lot depends on how the couple makes the most of this time to reconnect with each other.

A married couple who is on the brink of separation has in all probability gone through many failed attempts to save the marriage. And so, a save-cation can be a hopeful decision to give their marriage the last chance it deserves. Whether it works or not varies from couple to couple.

In some cases, it could even give the much needed time to boost marriage. Persistent effort from both, the husband and the wife are extremely important to strengthen the bond.

Save-cation can give couples some time away from their otherwise distressing routine and a chance to focus on the past happy memories. It also gives them a chance to spend quality time together to learn each other all over again because change is inevitable and each individual goes through some changes from time to time. This time during a save-cation can give them the motivation that they need to make their marriage a happy and healthy one.

How you can make save-cation something more worthwhile and healing

– Choose a destination without distractions: Sometimes, you might want to take a trip to a place you’ve really wanted to travel to. But if you really want to give a healing opportunity to your marriage, choose a place that is relaxing and not a place with distractions. By distraction, we mean a place where there’s a lot to do. Save-cations are trips where you rather focus on each other than other things.

– Self-counsel your marriage: Once you both are at a destination for your save-cation, give each other the time that you both have missed out on due to your daily routine. Talk to each other about the past, the present as well as the future. Ask each other questions about what are the changes you’ve wanted to make in each other and actively agree on making an effort to make the marriage work.

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