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An American bidet company is launching its own dating app where users can hopefully search for The One while sharing details about their bowel movements and bathroom habits.

Tushy, maker of attachable bidets, announced today that it will launch a dating app called Cheek2Cheek, where singles can swipe left and right to find a romantic partner and are encouraged to be upfront about their poop.

What’s more, the company says it will pay up to $20,000 for a wedding for any couple that meets on the app.

You won’t see this on Tinder! Tushy, maker of attachable bidets, announced today that it will launch a dating app called Cheek2Cheek

Love at first flush! Users can swipe and filter based on traditional criteria like age and location but are encouraged to share their bathroom habits

Cheek2Cheek, which will launch in beta on Apple iOS and Google Android in a few months, promises to be similar to other dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. 

Users can filter out prospective matches on general criteria like age, gender, and location, and swipe left or right depending on their interest.

But the main difference here is that bathroom habits are put front and center.

While there are no specific prompts that users are required to answer, the makers encourage singles to be candid about their bowel movements, bathroom habits, and butt and gut health, if they so choose.

They even have the option to share photos of their poop.  

‘Considering how many people are now working from home because of the pandemic — and how much time they are spending in their bathrooms — we figured it would be a good time to announce Cheek2Cheek, a dating app for fecal aficionados,’ Miki Agrawal, Founder of TUSHY, said in a press release.

Have a looky loo! Tushy will also pay up to $20,000 for the wedding of any couple that originally meets on the app

Agrawal notes that there are plenty of other niche dating apps, like for ‘Tesla owners, sea captains, bacon lovers, and more,’ so it seemed natural to create one for people concerned about their bowel movements

‘People’s bathroom habits and comfort levels of pooping in front of a partner can be very divisive for a relationship and this app can help hash out those issues once and for all,’ Agrawal added. 

‘With Cheek2Cheek you will be able to meet someone with a similar comfortability level about pooping as you. 

‘You can also find someone with the same sized/shaped poops as you, bathroom etiquette as you, or just someone experiencing similar gut/butt health issues. 

‘We’re excited for everyone to showcase their true poo-sonality and meet like-behinded people.’

One two users match with each other, they can meet for a date in real life or go virtual.  

‘Cheek2Cheek will offer a face-to-face video chat component for users who match and are interested in connecting while they squat on the toilet,’ the press release explains.

While most people live by the idea that what happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom, Tushy is clearly hoping to make defecation less taboo.

To that end, and to encourage users to take the app seriously, they’re offering to pay up to $20,000 for the wedding of any couple that originally meets on the app.


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