Businesses leaving their Kubernetes containers exposed to ransomware | #ransomware | #cybercrime

As businesses look for faster and more flexible development frameworks, the use of containers and Kubernetes (K8s) continues to rise. While Kubernetes theoretically has several security advantages compared to traditional applications, it remains one of the top concerns for organizations on their cloud-native journey. This concern is fairly valid it seems. A recent report found that Kubernetes clusters belonging to more than 350 organizations, including several Fortune 500 businesses, were openly accessible and exposed to cyberattacks like ransomware. So, why are organizations struggling with Kubernetes security on this scale?

Michael Cade

Global Field CTO at Veeam.

Fail fast

People often describe security as a race. Typically, this refers to security teams competing to stay one step ahead of bad actors – adopting new technology and responding to new techniques and vulnerabilities. However, sometimes it’s just as much a race to keep up with your own organization as it adopts new technology. Either way, security is expected to keep up with the pace and ensure the business is safe, whatever direction it chooses to go.

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